Running Thoughts

I love to run.

This has not always been the case. When I was pregnant with my second child I promised myself that I would be the mom who would be fun, fit, and hopefully a healthy example to my kids. So I told my family and friends that I would be running a marathon the year after my baby was born. I am generally very stubborn and tenacious, so I had to live up to my word. Before long, I found a neighbor to train with and the early morning torture sessions began.  At some point after my first 5k, it started to get easier. By the time the 10k came around, I was hooked.

I did run my marathon in 2005 and then took a break to recover, move, and have another baby. Now I am in Arizona and running is my lifeline. I can barely function if I go more than two days without running. I’m sure most of it is the endorphines, (a great bonus) but mostly it’s being able to watch the sunrise, clear my head, and have MY time before the rest of the house is awake. Life seems so simple when I can get out, listen to my music, and let my thoughts take me wherever they will. As of late, these outings are my saving grace.

The music thing is HUGE for me. I prefer artists like Jason Mraz, Colin Hay, and Maroon 5 when I’m at home, but usually end up listening to “Kids Bop” (typical for us moms!). But when I run it’s just me and my iPod, and all of my ‘feeling like a rebel’ music. I can’t run without The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Fiction Plane, Lily Allen, and many more that aren’t exactly suitable for kids under 6. But when I’m out pushing myself it helps to feel all ‘hard core’. Seriously, unless you are my mother, you can’t go running and feel all ‘bad a**’ listening to Les Miserables . . .which she does, by the way. My mom, gotta love her. She was my initial inspiration to run a marathon. She ran her first one at 42 years old after having 6 kids. Now that’s hardcore! She just ran the St. George marathon after taking a 13 year break. Go mom!

Right now I’m training for Ragnar Del Sol. It’s a 187 mile relay race from Wickenburg (AZ) to Scottsdale. There are 11 other lovely women in my neighborhood on my team and training is going well. We are a mixed bag of runners: some are just starting and one is training for the Boston Marathon. I am somewhere in the middle, and I am trying to find a marathon to run in the spring. I am not a very competitive person, but I want to train hard enough to at least beat Oprah’s time. Love Oprah, but still would like to be faster.



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One Response to Running Thoughts

  1. Jake says:

    Hi K,

    Love your blog so far. Keep up the writing! Can’t wait for the next one . .


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