Bougainvillea (and other random spins)

Don’t you love the name of that plant? 

I didn’t know its name before our family moved to Arizona 18 months ago,  but I remember seeing these beautiful plants along the freeways when we would visit. The ‘blooms’ are actually leaves that change colors on the vine, and I absolutely love them. BTW, they are pictured in my header. I don’t have a backyard (yet) but when I do, they will be the first of many plantings.

After my crappy run on Saturday I just wanted to hop on a plane and head straight back to Utah. My head was still spinning, and I hoped that I could at least go home, jump on my laptop, and maybe sort out my thoughts online. But when I was turning onto our street, I noticed how vibrant the bougainvillea appeared against the charcoal sky. It was striking, and for the second time time that day, I lost my breath.  I had only one thought after that, and I ran home and grabbed my camera. The old one. The kind I haven’t used since college, when I used to think of myself as a photographer.

I think this is one of the answers I had been searching for regarding the “how to fix k” question. I love photography and I actually think I have an eye for it, but somehow, like many things that I love, I set my camera aside and hoped I would find some free time. I tend to have a short attention span, as well as three wonderful little distractions, so it’s not a surprise that I don’t get much of that these days. However, in my new mindset, many things can change.

This morning as I was making my way home from a great run, I saw the landscapers blowing the bougainvillea leaves out of the gutter. I know it seems silly, but for a second I was a little sad to see the fushia ‘blossoms’ being taken away . But then I caught myself smiling with the knowledge that I don’t need those constant reminders of beauty. I have my memories (and photos) and sometimes that is more rewarding.

Stormy weather is gone, and we are back to sunny skies (and moods) in AZ!

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2 Responses to Bougainvillea (and other random spins)

  1. p3333 says:

    I like your header pic very much.


  2. kspin says:

    Thanks for your comment, and your tip!


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