Help Me Out Here

Please? You know you want to!

I’m looking for new music, or I guess old could be ok too, but I am needing to add more music to my running playlist. I’m getting to the point that my runs last hours, not minutes, so lots more music please. This is what I am looking for:

  • Fast music. If it’s too fast to dance to, it’s probably the right tempo. Right now Fall Out Boy’s “Arms Race”  (chorus) seems to be about the perfect tempo.
  • It needs to be interesting too, not just fast. I don’t like really heavy guitar, or anything that is too negative or ‘down’.
  • All kinds of music are welcome. I don’t really listen to country, but if you think there is something that will get me all pumped up, send away! I am not that picky!
  • I would really like more girl rock, so if you have any ideas. . .

For reference, some of the songs that are on my list are; The Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc”, The Killers “Somebody Told Me”, Natasha Bedingfield “If You’re Gonna”, etc. Maybe that can get the ideas going.

I can’t wait to hear the suggestions, and thanks in advance for taking the time to respond!

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5 Responses to Help Me Out Here

  1. latenightwrite says:

    Hmm… see if you like D.J. Sammy “Heaven”

  2. for my speed sessions i like listening to System of a Down try “X” or “Jet Pilot”. Mika’s “Grace Kelly” and Plain White Ts “Our Time Now” are good for easy run days.

  3. kspin says:

    My husband actually has the D.J. Sammy in his iTunes. I hadn’t really listened to it, but it is a good one! Thanks!

    System of a Down was a little too metal for my taste, but Mika was a fun one! I love bananas too! 😉

  4. tenacioustimothy says:

    Quite a few suggestions:-)

    LCD Soundsystem- ‘All My Friends’, ‘Us v Them’ and a few others from the Sound of Silver album. You can probably YouTube them to see if you like them. Long songs with great beats to keep you running!

    From the Sub-Pop website ( you check out these guys: Band of Horses-‘There Is A Ghost’, The Shins- ‘Phantom Limb’ and The Postal Service- ‘Such Great Heights’. All those tracks are free downloads.

    For the girl rockers have a listen to The Gossip- ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ or Yeah Yeah Yeahs…anything from Fever To Tell album…you can also head over to and download the excellent song ‘Miles Away’ from the self titled EP.

    Hope they help keep you moving!

  5. kspin says:

    Tim. Great suggestions! You don’t disappoint!

    I especially liked “All My Friends”, and “There Is A Ghost”. It took a while to check them all out, but was well worth it!

    Thanks again for all the great music!

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