Craving Attention?. . .Shimmy!

I think I may have mentioned somewhere here that I have a short attention span. Well, I do, and because of that I have been trying to add more variety to my workouts so I don’t get bored.

I found a workout channel called fitTV, and have been doing Namaste Yoga a couple times a week. It seems like a pretty basic class and I don’t feel like I’m straining to do any of the moves, though balancing was tricky for a while. The other great thing is that they show it 4 times a day. With kids at home, I never know when they will be occupied enough for me to sneak in a workout, so I really like having choices. I usually do the morning program right when I get home from running, or the late one to relax right before bed.

My husband works from home a couple of days and week in our home office, and he is pretty good at tuning us all out. Sometimes when I am in the middle of a yoga session he’ll step right over me as if I weren’t even there to get to his precious coffee pot. But I guess after 9 years of marriage, nothing really phases him anymore. . . until a couple of days ago.

I had an especially rough morning trying to keep the kids happy and out of the office, and by naptime I was ready to work off some aggression! I flipped on the tv and thought I would do whatever workout I could find. I ended up finding Shimmy which is supposed to be a ‘sensuous’ belly dancing workout. I had seen the clips on fitTV and now I thought, why not?

Right away I was impressed that the instructors were curvy and not the typical ‘stick figures’ you usually see on those shows. These women had hips! After having 3 kids, I definetly do too! The narritive is very slow and detailed and I found that it was a lot easier than it had looked. I must of been really getting into it because I didn’t notice that my husband had picked his lunch plate up off of the kitchen table and was now sitting on the couch right behind me.

His face was almost comical! His mouth was hanging open and he just stared at me. He stammered out “what are you doing?” “Belly dancing I guess”. I dance around the house all the time, but apparently I haven’t ever moved my hips before, or so you would have thought judging by his reaction. It was great! I don’t think he moved at all for the next 10 minutes! I felt strangely powerful and yet I was having a lot of fun too. It didn’t really feel like a workout, but later on that day I could feel that I did in fact work out my stomach and hips. Bonus!

I guess I’m not the only one with a short attention span after all, so maybe when the novelty of  belly dancing wears off I better find another flirty workout. Pole dancing anyone?. . .

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5 Responses to Craving Attention?. . .Shimmy!

  1. Hmmmmm? FitTV??? Now there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one!!!! 🙂

  2. kspin says:

    Ha! Too funny! I’ve never thought of that!

  3. Autumn LeBeau says:

    Hmmm… belly dancing may be an option, once I try some other exercises to lose the post baby belly!

  4. tenacioustimothy says:

    I am so jealous of your husband- working from home and having a woman belly dance for him!! I am looking at an even longer commute with the new job and I will probably be working with pensioners!

  5. kspin says:

    Tim, you crack me up!

    For the record, I haven’t “shimmied” since then, but it’s suposed to be great for the abs so I say go for it! Baby belly and all! 🙂

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