k’s Favorite Things

I have this secret dream that someday I’ll be in the audience at an Oprah taping, and of course it would be an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode where she gives away all the cool loot.

While of course that would be totally amazing, I started to think of the things that have brougt joy to my life. There is too many to name, but I thought I would at least try to pick a few:

  • Perfect weather and green grass.   Ok, I know, the weather here is lovely, but finding a really nice patch of greeness on a perfect day is very rare.  I love laying on my back, pointing out shapes in the clouds with my kids and running my fingers through the cool blades. I long to roll down a hill or run barefoot through a park.
  • All the ‘firsts’ of motherhood.   The first pregnancy where you can’t stop thinking of the miracle that is forming inside of you. The first minutes with your new baby in your arms, and you really understand what love is. The first real smile. The first laugh. The  first tooth, first word, first step….
  • Desserts.   You could proably talk me into doing anything you wanted with the promise of a warm, super fudgy brownie, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Of course gourmet cheescake would be even better. Ya, I’m that easy.
  •  The little things.   Your favorite song on your drive to work. A card or email from a friend that says exactly what you needed to hear that day. An entire day that the house stays clean. A nice neighbor taking the time to clear the snow off your driveway or sidewalk. A long walk with someone you love.
  • Quality time with my family.   It doesn’t matter if we are on vacation, playing games, or watching movies. Just taking the time to relax and have fun together is great. One of my favorite childhood memories was helping my parents in the garden with the whole family. I had some of the best talks with my dad in that garden. 

It’s easy for me to get caught up worrying if my kids have all they want or need, and wonder if we are all missing out on the ‘cool loot’ that is available. I need to keep this list close and try to remember that it’s our experiences that will always be with us when all of the other things are gone.

Though, come to think of it, a new NikonD80 would be so cool!


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4 Responses to k’s Favorite Things

  1. amommystory says:

    Well said! I think every one of those would be on my list too… a clean house and being able to lay in the grass on a warm day sound especially appealing today! H

  2. tenacioustimothy says:

    Good list! Definitely the experiences are more important. Am sure it is difficult to find green out there-from what I remember of the visit to the best-mans house in Phoenix there wasn’t any green in sight! Of course no problem with green in Dublin;-) Would love the Nikon D80 as well- only talked about it this morning with a colleague who bought it for her boyfriend!

  3. Looks like we both had Oprah on the brain today . . .I’ll tell you, she’s something .. . .that Oprah!!!

  4. kspin says:

    I don’t think I have watched Oprah for over a year, but have much love for her anyway!

    I’m trying really hard not to obsess over the D80. Trying….

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