Holy Adam!!! (part II)

If you are following my story, thanks for being patient, and for those of you just checking in I’ll get you up to date. . .

One of my sisters just got a new job and decided to take some vacation time before she started working. I had been trying to get her to come to AZ to visit when I found out (kind of late), that Maroon 5 would be performing at a pre-Super Bowl show here. I am a huge fan and she likes them as well, so I told her if she came down I would take her to the show.  This tactic worked and I started to look for tickets online.

I was apparently one of the last people to know about this show so all of the floor tickets were sold out and I had a hard time finding two seats together that weren’t far away and overpriced. We opted to buy our tickets in seperate areas to get a better view. I mean, it is Maroon 5!  You can’t sit clear in the back! Our seats ended up being halfway to the back and honestly, I didn’t care. I was just excited to see them live again. The last time I saw them was in San Francisco in 2005 and I had been waiting for them to play somewhere nearby for a long time!

The day of the show, my sister and I went into downtown Phoenix to see a friend. He treated us to High Tea at the Ritz-Carlton and then showed us around both the Ritz and the Biltmore hotels. At first I was not thrilled with the ‘tea’ idea, but mostly I just didn’t want to have to change from formal wear to concert wear. I’m glad my sister is a total diva and really likes getting all dressed up because she eventually talked me into it, and it turned out to be a really great time. It was not the stuffy experience I was expecting at all. Jeffery is the concierge there and I was very impressed by his charisma and ultra white smile! Not only was he an awesome host, he was also very informative about tea and has a whole line of his own blends. I had one of Jeffrey’s new teas called ‘Paris’ which was great and I feel like I learned a little too. The food was excellent and the three of us had a relaxing afternoon catching up with each other. . . ok, I’m getting a little sidetracked here, back to the important stuff!

After our tour and visit, we headed west out to Glendale and the Jobing.com Arena. I do believe this may be the dumbest name for a theatre, but who knows, there may be a worse one out there! We got there right before the show was starting and found our seats. The theatre was still pretty empty so I sat with my sister waiting for whoever was supposed to be in that seat to arrive.

I don’t think we had been there 5 minutes when this woman comes over to me, taps me on the shoulder and leans over to say “do you two want to go down on the floor?” What? For a second I thought she was joking, but then I noticed the i.d. tag around her neck with huge “VH1” letters and a group of about 8 women following behind her. I literally jumped up, grabbed my sister’s arm and drug her behind me and the VH1 lady who was now my new hero!

She led our group down past the lower seats, past the VIP section and right down to the floor. She told the security guard to let us all in and said to have fun!   Unbelievable!   It wasn’t too packed in the pit, so I pulled my sister as close to the stage that I could without pissing too many people off. We didn’t get beaten up and there were only about 6 or 7 people seperating us from the stage which were both very, very good things.

Yes, at this point I was seriously freaking out. I’m sure I looked like a fool standing there grinning and speed talking to my sis about how cool this was. I also think I screamed when Adam came out on the stage. In my defense, I was still in shock over the close proximity of myself and the only rockstar that I have ever swooned over (minus my husband of course), and I’m sure there were some 16 year olds somewhere up front screaming too so I didn’t really care if anyone heard me.

It surprises me that I turn into a total “groupie” when I see Maroon 5 live. I am a mature, somewhat sane, conservative (sort of) mother of three, yet I couldn’t stop myself from jumping up and down and dancing the entire time that Adam Levine was on stage. Of course I was singing along to all the songs too! I wouldn’t be a proper groupie if I didn’t now would I?!

Adam seemed a little less intense than the last show I saw him at in SF. The last time he was totally doing the “rockstar” thing with the leaps (you know the ones) and the never-ending guitar solos. I never mind this with Adam, but at other shows I tend to get a little bored with the solos. I think I endured way too many of them listening to my husband’s band practice back in the day. Screaming guitars don’t do much for me unless there is an extemely attractive man attached to that guitar! (Btw, I was assured by a good friend of mine that thinking someone is good looking doesn’t make you shallow, just in case any of you might have been thinking this!)

I found this review about the show with some great pictures! They are much better than the pic. that someone else (not me, I swear) took with their camera phone that I posted on my previous post. It pretty much sums up the atmosphere of the show and how relaxed Adam was with the crowd. He is a truly great entertainer who just happens to know how to make millions of women all over the world lose all rational thought processes and self control! Or wait, is that just me?……

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4 Responses to Holy Adam!!! (part II)

  1. kspin says:

    This was getting ridiculously long so I didn’t mention that this concert will be aired tonight (Saturday) on VH1, and that Adam will be singing the National Anthem at the SB!

    Yay, more Adam! 🙂

  2. For a second I thought you were about to say, that you threw your “undies” on stage! 🙂

    Sounds like you had a blast!

  3. kspin says:

    Lol! I wish I would’ve thought about that! There’s something that I could’ve marked off my ‘never done before’ list!

    It was not really crowded on the floor, and there were cameras sweeping through the crowd quite a bit, so if I had done that it would have been VERY obvious! Good thing I had some self-control left!

    It was a blast, and I am curious to see if you can see a crazy lady dancing in the audience on the VH1 special tonight! Yikes! 😉

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