Thirty Five Before 35…

While my sister was here, we talked a lot about how important it is to have goals and ‘benchmarks’ for yourself.  It seems like most of the successful people I know are the ones planning ahead and making lists.

In general I am a list hater. It used to drive me crazy to hear about the ‘100 things to do before you die’ lists, or even the simple daily to do lists could make my face scrunch in disgust. . . however. . .now I see how the lack of lists and the setting of specific goals has worked against me. In my mind I was setting goals, but there is something about writing them down and having the list right in front of me everyday to help keep me on track.

This is a very new idea (for me), and I am excited to see if I can reach all of my goals by November 2010. I’ll update my page so you can  check up on my progress or harrass me for the lack of. I started a rough list about a month ago, so I have actually done a few already. I found the idea here if you want to see my inspiration.

  1. Learn Spanish – When I was pregnant with my son, my daughter kept telling everyone that he was going to speak Spanish. This ended up being a joke in our family, but I have been wanting to learn for a while now, so why not?!
  2. Take a trip all alone – I guess this is not really a big deal, but I have never taken a trip that hasn’t been for business or to see anyone all by myself. The idea is a little scary to me, but also exciting at the same time.
  3. Be more spiritual – My husband and I come from different religious backgrounds, so this is a tricky area for us. My goal is to be more studious and develop a personal relationship with God. While I know this may take a lifetime, there are many things I could be doing to get started.
  4. Bike a century (100 miles) – My husband actually did one when he was 16 and I thought this would be a fun thing to do together.
  5. Take my kids somewhere new once a week – We are new to Arizona and I want to see and do all that is available here. There are millions of parks and lots of kid friendly places, so it shouldn’t be hard to find something new, I just need to make sure to schedule it in!
  6. Start and maintain a journal consistantly – For now I am counting my blog. Eventually I would like to start another form of journaling but hey, this is a start.
  7. Take more pictures and share them – I have published a few photos here recently, and I really want to take a photography class to re-learn how to take manual pictures again!
  8. Read at least one book a month – Jan. read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
  9. Make and maintain a budget – This is another area I have put off, but I am determined to do this!
  10. Get more involved in my community – Neighborhood watch, PTA, etc.
  11. Cook something new once a week – Doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that’s new to me.
  12. Start and maintain a family blog – I have been feeling guilty that I don’t share more with all of our out of state family! Started Jan. 11 2008.
  13. Start a weekly/monthly schedule ( I don’t have enough structure right now) – First list today. . . we’ll see if I can keep it up.
  14. WRITE more thank you notes (emails don’t count) – I used to be really good at this and have gotten out of the habit. I love it when someone takes the time to do this for me and I want to do the same for others.
  15. Rock climb – I did this once in college and loved it and have been wanting to try again.
  16. Start hiking again – We are lucky enough to have hiking weather year round and should really take advantage. (another great way to get to know our new state!)
  17. Learn to golf – I have only really golfed twice and I love it, but I don’t want to embarrass myself on the course so I really could use lessons. When my husband and I were dating we used to go to the driving range quite a bit, but that was 12 years ago!
  18. Do more service projects – I guess this could be tied into community involvement, but I want to start some service projects as a family as well as participating in other projects or fundraisers.
  19. Decorate my house – I REALLY need some color in my house. I have been here almost one year so it is time for curtains and paint for sure. I also have a ton of framed family pictures that are still in boxes from our last two moves. I think I’m going to be very busy!
  20. Plant a garden – Even if it’s just a couple fruit trees and some herbs, I really want to have something to harvest out of my yard someday.
  21. Finish the backyard – Right now my yard is just dirt. . .and a swingset. My kids need a yard! Good thing we have 3 neighborhood parks right now.
  22. Get to know my neighbors – I live in a fairly new development so there are still empty homes and new people moving in regularly. I am hoping to do a block or street party, or invite a family at a time over for a bar-b-que.  
  23. Volunteer at my daughters school.
  24. Organize all of my photos – Ever since the digital camera I just leave all of my photos on disc or on Snapfish. I really want to continue the photo albums I started 5 years ago and get caught up. I’m not even going to think about scrapbooking with any of them until I have completed this!
  25. Learn to surf – I used to live in Hawaii and could kick myself that I didn’t take lessons or even try. Every time I snorkel or swim in the ocean all I can think about is sharks! But I think I can overcome this fear enough to try it. This is going to be tricky living in the desert, but I guess I’ll just have to take some vacations to the ocean!
  26. Plan more one on one time with my kids – My parents used to have a specific night of the week where one kid got to stay up with them for half an hour after all the other kids went to sleep. I used to absolutely love this as a kid, and though it was a short time I have so many memories from these special nights!
  27. Plan more one on one time with my husband – My friend and I talked about watching each others kids once month so we could have a date night. Now I just need to follow up! (are you seeing a trend?)
  28. Plan ‘me’ time – Usually I get to the point where I just say “I’m leaving the house now” and drive around to get a break. I think if I scheduled this time in, I could plan something to do relaxing, like taking photos! And then my poor husband wouldn’t be caught off guard!
  29. Do karaoke – I know, it sounds easy, but I have a real fear of this. I don’t think there is enough alcohol in the world to help. Maybe on my 35th birthday I will do it just to complete this list!
  30. Try a new sport – I’m thinking maybe wake-boarding or kick boxing. . . I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.
  31. Do a tri-athalon – This sounds fun, it’s just the swimming that is a little daunting!
  32. Take a lifeguaring course (and pass the test) – My dad signed me up for a life-guarding course when I was in high school. I was not a swimmer but I had mentioned once in passing that it would be fun. I did ok for not ever doing anything like that before, but I couldn’t pass the last test of holding a brick over my head for I don’t remember how long while I treaded water. This has always bothered me and I would like to try again!
  33. Start college funds for my kids.
  34. *
  35. *

I ran out of ideas for the last two, so I think it would be fun to get input from all of you!  Please send me some ideas! I’ll pick two and add them to my list! Thanks!

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4 Responses to Thirty Five Before 35…

  1. bookbabie says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome list. I’ve never done that, made a list of things I want to do. Hmm, I’ll turn 50 in less than two years. If I do a list it may have to be less ambitious than yours!

  2. Love your list! I would have chosen many of the same things.

    I really love the idea, about letting one child stay up later, one night a week–I’ll have to file that one away for future reference!

    How about visit a foreign country? Maybe after you learn Spanish?

    And publish something! (Freelance work!)

  3. Steve (KSpin) says:

    I think that visiting the foreign country would help -during- learning Spanish, rather than after it, to be honest.

  4. kspin says:

    I think visiting a foreign country needs to be on this list for sure! Picking the country will be the hard part!

    Publishing something? Hmmm….I’ll have to think about that!

    And Steve, I think you are right about traveling while learning Spanish! Great idea!

    I still need one more……

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