Sorry k Can’t Play…

“Go into hiding if you want to avoid controversy. Put your effort into building something. Don’t interact with anyone who is likely to pick a fight or cause you grief. Work by yourself.”

Wow, not very promising. This is my horoscope for today according to this.

I think it’s a day behind. Yesterday would have been a good day to keep my thoughts to myself. But I didn’t read yesterday’s horoscope, so I’m not sure if there was any warning, thus I can’t take responsibility for the outcome of my previous actions.

Today I’m not going to fight any forces of nature. I’m home alone with my kids so following this advice should be easy. . . sandcastle building here we come.

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4 Responses to Sorry k Can’t Play…

  1. Sister Sassy says:

    sand castles? Really? Man I need it to be spring soon….

  2. Wow! I clicked on the link, and read my horoscope and mine told me just the opposite. That, I needed to get out and travel .. .:)

  3. Ed Call says:

    Fighting forces of nature? Avoiding controversy? So how’d that go?

    Me today:

    It’ll be a mentally invigorating day, with many of you taking up a new line of study, and others getting organized to make an important speech or presentation. A touch of restlessness could see you planning a short get-away or calling it quits with a certain relationship.

  4. kspin says:

    There weren’t any castles, but plenty of sun and sand. I did meet some cool women from an online mother’s group. So much for trying to ‘hide’. 🙂

    Overall, much better than the two star day that was predicted!

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