My Life Right Now

I woke up, put on my running clothes and waited for the sky to be light enough to run solo.

I’m not afraid of running in the dark. . . well, actually I am. Only because I live in the middle of the desert and when it is dark, it is dark. Someone could be standing on the other side of the road and there is no way I would see them. Thoughts like this keep me from running alone. These thoughts are the same ones that keep me from watching scary movies. My imagination is just too vivid!

On the corner of my street I stopped and stretched, as I always do, paying close attention to my actions. Jem was providing my warm up song as I started jogging down the curved road leading out of the neighborhood. I ran past two parks, the elementary school and the brick monument that marks the entrance of our community.

As I turned the corner and headed North, I looked over my shoulder and could see a hint of the sunrise. I kept running and would glance over every couple minutes to watch the beauty that was unfolding before my eyes. This has always been one of the main attractions of getting up early for me. So many people miss this small miracle that happens each and everyday.

The sunrise today was especially breathtaking. The sky wasn’t quite blue, more of a turquios with peach and orange clouds streaking out of a bright epicenter. The fluffy clouds were surrounding the area where the sun would soon be, their outer edges feathering upward almost forming a frame for a picture. 

I thought about sprinting home to get my camera before the colors faded, or just hurrying to finish my run. Instead I stopped running and took a break so I could fully appreciate the view. 

Choices are presenting themselves to me all of the time, and lately I feel like any of my options will lead to something great.  


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7 Responses to My Life Right Now

  1. Sister Sassy says:

    I like Jem. I would get creeped out when I’d run up the path beside the forest near my house… for some reason dark forests creep me out. Probably because I watched too much Twin Peaks

  2. eenx says:

    I love that pics. What a great cactus. Is it cactus ?

  3. Love the Arizona Seguaros! Arizon right? The landscape is unmistakable.

    Beautiful picture!

  4. sleepyjane says:

    That’s a wonderful picture!

  5. kspin says:


    This is an area in Arizona that runs along the Salt River. I like to run here on the weekends, more hills and nice scenery. It definetly has that distinct desert look, cacti and all.

    Sassy, always good to know another Jem fan! And ya, forests creep me out too, but I am reading vampire novels right now so that doesn’t help!

  6. bookbabie says:

    Nice pic, I remember the first time I went to Arizona. As we drove along on the highway to Scottsdale I was mesmerized by the cactus and by the lack of the color green:)

  7. Beth Moore says:

    This is a beautiful post. I found your blog through your amazing desert images and found myself entranced by your description of running in the desert at sunrise. I guess I’m what you could call a desert rat…and a female runner who, though afraid to run in the dark, do it anyway just to know the secret of the sunrise. I’ve mostly run the long roads in Sedona early in the AM, and some in southern Texas. Great pics – great blog. If you ever have time, I’d love to see your posts on our Traxee website. You’ve got the gift woman! Thanks for the beautiful prose!

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