Home Sweet Bed!

I don’t even know where to start! This weekend was such a whirlwind and there is so much to share!

I think I will break up my adventure into two posts of Ragnar coverage.(the relay race I just completed) I will say that I have hit my limit of powerbar/gu/gatorade consumption and if I never have to use another port-a-john again that would be just fine with me. Also, sleeping on a wrestling mat in a high school gym with hundreds of other runners is a bad idea! Oh, and you have to pay $5 for that ‘luxury’. Yuck!

Now that I have slept on my own bed for two full nights and have eaten real food that doesn’t come in a five-pack, I honestly can say that I would do it all again. I was thinking that this relay race would be a good practice for the marathon I have coming up, but now I feel like that one is going to be a breeze. The marathon will be 4 and a half hours of pain not 30!!!

I’m happy to have my bed back, my kids around me and access to a warm shower whenever I want! Who could ask for more?

To be continued….

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3 Responses to Home Sweet Bed!

  1. I think the port-o-pottys would be the deal breaker for me–Just can’t do those!

  2. Maxxy says:

    Hey K,

    Thanks for stopping by. The words came out as a poem really. Just what was going through my head at the time. Tell hubby my drumming is still hopeless, but I’m trying to concentrate on one or two songs now until they’re complete. I’ll post em up when they’re done. Not a patch on his stuff though I’m afraid 😉

    Running sounds like too much physical exersion for me. I prefer the walk to my car in the mornings – it’s about 10ft LOL ( really, I’m soooooo unfit it’s untrue ). I really must do some form of exercise soon before I lose the use of my legs eh ?? LOL

  3. kspin says:

    Public restrooms are disgusting to me, so the portable ones almost put me over the edge!

    Maxxy, good to have you stop in! I’ll be checking for your music soon. Maybe you should start with parking a little further away!! 🙂

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