The Rock Gods Love Me!

I’m sorry that you all have to hear about my fantasy world again, but I just got some fantastic news and I have to share!


You all know how I feel about Adam, and how he is pretty much the only celebrity that causes my heart to race, so you should appreciate the sheer excitement I am feeling over a phone call from my sis last night.

I have been looking forward to running in the Salt Lake marathon for a couple of reasons: First, it’s my home town and I will be able to visit with family of k. Second, the marathon course is my old stomping grounds and I can’t wait to run down the tree lined streets and enjoy all the nostalgia that I am likely to feel. Third, Maroon 5 has just scheduled a show for the night before the marathon! How freaking cool is that?!

Not only is this the second time in 3 months that I will be able to see them, but one or more of my sisters will be able to join me. . .again. I haven’t been to a Maroon 5 show without at least one sister and I like this little tradition that we have going. Spending time with the girls and having the chance to get really silly stupid at a show of my favorite band. Can it get any better than this? Well, I guess if they weren’t playing at a huge football stadium where they will look about the size of lego figures would be better, but hey, I’ll take it.  

I’m not sure if it’s the wisest thing to go to a concert the night before I run 26.2 miles, but while I’m running for 4+ hours I’ll sure be doing it with a big tired smile on my face!

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One Response to The Rock Gods Love Me!

  1. sleepyjane says:

    Awww! That’s so cool! I’m sure you’ll enjoy both events! 🙂

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