Friday Loves & Free Loot

To continue my happy streak, I thought I would share the love!

I’m going to do my first ever reader appreciation giveaway. *Yay!* The prize is a little ‘Happy Package” that I will ship to the random winner. The contents are secret but I will say that there will be at least one thing to help ‘perk’ you up! I may just throw in some original artwork from my kids too!

All you have to do is send me a comment and tell me what makes you happy. Can be short, long, silly, deep, it doesn’t matter. I will put all of your names in a hat and let one of my kids pull out the winning name. Sound fun? Good! I really wanted to do something nice for all of you who bring me a little sunshine everyday!

I was inspired by bookbabie to do the giveaway, and I also wanted to find a way to help Ramblinghousewife to continue this ‘kindness train’, so I will also donate $ to the winner’s charity of choice between the two mentioned in her post, or a charity of the winner’s choice. It always feels good to help a good cause, especially one for little ones. If you want to see where the train was started, you can check it out here in this post.

While you are all busy writing down your happy thoughts, I will be slaving away on my backyard and entertaining the in-laws! I’ll try to keep my blogging up, but don’t be surprised if you just get little snippits or photos of my yard!

I will take comments up until Tuesday night, and will post the winner then. Good luck and I hope you all have a happy, sunshine-filled weekend. I can’t wait to read all of your comments!

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13 Responses to Friday Loves & Free Loot

  1. Sister Sassy says:

    Kspin, you are terrific! I need to read the linked to posts and chat with HB about whatever that train thing is.

    What makes me happy…. sunlight warming a room on a cool day, basking on the floor like a big cat.

    and watching my babies sleep… and when random people alone on the street smile to themselves and you know that they are happy and you’re glad for them even though you don’t know them. It makes me happy for some reason to see that, I play stories in my head about what they are smiling about.

    Great idea!

  2. bookbabie says:

    Yay, a surprise giveaway, how fun! What makes me happy, hmmm, the thought that I will be a grandmother in September (well, that makes me sound old, let’s just say my son is having a baby). I had a cool dream about a baby recently that made me think I may have already met the little rugrat, remembering that dream makes me happy:)

  3. So cool!!

    Now this post makes me REALLY happy!!

    Thanks for keeping it going!! 🙂

  4. trail running, on a sunny Saturday make me happy. OK…I am off to do just that.

  5. Great Blog. Just found it. keep it up.

  6. kspin says:

    These are so great! Thanks to all of you who have made comments so far.

    Sassy-I’m with you with the stories in my head and the sunny spots!

    Bookbabie-I’m so excited for you and I LOVE your happy dreams!

    Rambling-Happy to keep it going! Glad I could help!

    Fastlane-Got my run in today too, always a happy thing! 🙂

    Brian-Welcome and I hope you enjoyed your pancakes! 😉

  7. Kemi says:

    Free stuff ALWAYS makes me happy! 😀 (kidding)

    Seriously, though, I am happy when my family is happy. Especially if I’ve done something to make them feel good. I guess you could say I’m happy when I give service to others.

    I also feel happy when I take a few minutes to do something for myself, whether it’s a bubble bath, a few chapters in my book, or a mindless half-hour spent in front of the TV. Recharging my batteries makes me happy.

  8. kspin says:

    Hey Kemi, great thoughts. I agree with you on recharging your batteries. Important for us moms! Good luck on the contest and welcome! 🙂

  9. sleepyjane says:

    Oh wow. How did I miss this post?

    What makes me happy?

    Funkeh socks in the winter.
    J reaching for my hand in his sleep.
    Laughing until tears roll down my cheeks.
    Doing something nice and unexpected for a friend or family and seeing the smile on their face.
    The smell of something *I* baked.
    And appreciating everyone in my life. 🙂

    I’m sure there’s much more.

  10. smack says:

    what makes me happy is the smell of Factor’s head. I don’t know what it is, but he never smells bad. His skin – and especially his cleanly shaven head that he lets me sniff and climb on, and squeeze til he chokes. That makes me happy and content … and it smells like what I’ve needed my whole life.

    Annnnnnnd now you can throw up 🙂

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  13. ukrainemom says:

    I don’t know if I am too late for the drawing. But it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to tell you I think what you are doing is terrific!

    A new book in the mail, the back of my baby’s neck, and warm clothes from the dryer make me happy:).

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