Happy Thursday!

Why is it a happy Thursday? Because it’s makeover Thursday!

The first thing to get a makeover is my running shoes. Nothing like a new pair of kicks to make you feel good. I know, I know, back in this post I said I didn’t like to wear shoes, but I can’t really do without this kind of shoe, now can I? I ordered the exact pair that I was already using, so that I didn’t have to get used to a new style before my race.

A new-shoes-copy.jpg B old-shoes-copy.jpg

Exhibit A. New shiny pair of super-cushy loveliness. Exhibit B. What 9 months of running will do to your shoes.

I added up all of the miles from my running log and figured since Dec. 5th until two days ago, I have put 270.5 miles on these puppies! I bought them in August, so the mileage is actually quite a bit higher. Today was my second day breaking the new ones in and my feet were very happy indeed! My toes thanked me by not swelling up in the shower like they have been as of late.

When I got my news shoes and compared the two, it was obvious how much wear and tear my other older shoes had really gone through. I only replaced them because I was starting to have knee pain when I ran, and the new forming blisters were also a good indicator that a change was needed. I ignored the pain as long as I could, but knowing that I only had a few weeks to break in a new pair, I finally caved. My old ones didn’t look too bad to me until I sat the shoes side by side, then I could really see just how broken down my old ones were.

I’m such a saver. I still want to hold onto those shoes, but it’s silly because old shoes can cause a lot of injury. I guess I’m just sentimental about them because they are a physical reminder of my progress and accomplishments. Much self discovery both physically and mentally has happened while wearing those shoes. I covered a lot of miles in the last nine months…

The next makeover that is scheduled to start tomorrow is my back yard! Yay! We are having some cement work done in the morning and then Saturday my in-laws will be here to help us put in the sprinkling system and sod. I can not wait!

This is what I have had to look at everyday for the last year:


Usually I would be super embarrassed to show how ‘ghetto’ my yard is, but knowing that it is all going to change makes it ok. After all, I do need a before shot, right? I’m only planning a small area of grass and a whole lot of cement to accommodate a patio set and keep our yard maintenance to a minimum. Mowing a huge lawn in 110 degree weather is not a lot of fun! I can’t wait to send my kids outside to play and have them come back in not looking like Pigpen from the Snoopy comics.

I want to make a little tropical oasis for us in the backyard where we can have some shade and a little spot of green year-round. Ideally I would plant a bunch of fruit trees and shade trees, but at 170$ per baby tree, we are going to have to start with only a few. *sigh* It makes such a huge difference to be in a yard full of plants here in Arizona. I am not a big fan of the ‘desert landscaping’ that is typical here. Most of the front yards are all rock with a scattering of shrubs and cacti. Boring.

The third and most important makeover is going to be to my marriage. My husband was gone for 5 days, but it might as well have been 5 years. It bothered me that I didn’t miss him at the beginning of the week. I was going along with my everyday routine and I realizedΒ  how often we have just been going through the motions when it comes to the two of us. I guess when you are with someone for over 13 years you do get comfortable and don’t ‘try’ like you do when you are first in love. It was disheartening to feel this way, and by the end of those five days I had made up my mind to make a fresh start.


We have been very fortunate to have such a good relationship where we rarely argue or fight, but sometimes if I think there is nothing to work on in my little world, it doesn’t get a lot of my attention. Unfortunately, my marriage has not gotten enough of my attention, and I am now ready to change that. I have been complacent for too long and though we are happy I want to feel butterflies again.

When J got home last night, I was a little anxious to tell him all the things that had been on my mind. I was afraid to be so open about my feelings and shortcomings. I had to admit to him that it had been a long time since I was an active participant in our marriage. For a couple minutes it was one of the hardest conversations of my life. But, as usual, he knew exactly what I was talking about and was more understanding than I would have been given my past behavior.

I tend to think that I am good about hiding my emotions, but I hadn’t fooled him at all. He could tell that something had been bothering me for a long time, and he too was wanting to make some real changes to improve our relationship. I went to bed that night with more optimism about the future than I had in years. I’m almost excited to do whatever ‘work’ it will take to get us get back to feeling those butterflies again. In fact, I think I felt one this morning….

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10 Responses to Happy Thursday!

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of good work to complete. Makes me realize that I really need new running shoes and I could do soooo much better in the marriage dept. But, you have a plan, and that means you are are the right track.

    Kspin-Now if I can just stick to my plan! πŸ˜‰ New shoes are great, go and get some!

  2. Yes, we do get in our routines and this bothers me too! It’s been something that I have been focusing on as well . . .

    And as for the yard . . .

    Let’s not talk about yards, alright?

    (See tonight’s post! :))

    Kspin-Lol! I read the post…I hear ya. That will be me soon!

  3. smack says:

    I love love love the pic with your flip flopped feet. To me, nothing says total chill like feet in the sun. but flip flopped feet in the sun??? even better πŸ™‚

    Kspin-Lol! I wish I could take the credit…6 year old’s feet…6 year old’s pic! πŸ™‚

  4. smack says:

    and PS. A beautiful thing is self awareness and just plain awareness. Never worry, it’s human nature to settle in , get caught up in our own stuff.. and sometimes forget the sizzlies and relationship stuff. What’s important is when we recognize and move towards good US. you’re awesome. The end.

    Kspin-You know you are my bloggy idol, so this means a lot to me! Btw, a beautiful thing is your Cali photos…wow!

  5. sleepyjane says:

    Wow. YAY to lifestyle makeovers. It’s exciting isn’t it? Knowing your about to make some changes. Good luck!

    Kspin-It IS exciting! Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Sounds like you and hubby are really in tune πŸ™‚ So glad you had a chance to talk.

    Uh,…my back yard looked like that for 2 years 😦 Don’t make the same mistake we did. REnt a “trencher” to dig the trenches for the irrigation system. Hubby had be digging up dirt for days!

    Kspin-Trencher is rented…. πŸ™‚ My yard may not be finished for two years, but it has to be better than it is now!

  7. Sister Sassy says:

    My friend has a ghetto yard too, it doesn’t reflect badly on you.

    And kudos for talking to J, that is the first step. Better you out yourself than get outed by the emails like me (eek). GOod luck with the work you’re going to do, ours has been great and helped so much!

  8. kspin says:

    Lol! I’m glad my yucky yard is not a reflection of myself!

    I don’t think I know this email story! You need to spill it Sassy! πŸ˜‰

  9. andrea says:

    I have to replace my asics every 4 months. I am really hard on the arch.

    As someone who has been married for 14 years, let me just say it ebbs and flows. There is a rhythm. And its ok to have weeks when your in a routine and everyone is going about their own business. By the next month you’ll be feeling those butterflys and can’t get enough of one another and then back again. Like you said, just keep the communication open.


  10. kspin says:

    There really is a flow to a marriage isn’t there? Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you took the time to visit my little space! πŸ™‚

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