April Cards

As promised, here are the cards from yesterday’s ‘swap’:

There were some really creative cards this time. I especially like this thank you card for a teacher:

I want to make a bunch of these to keep for future use. You can never have enough thank you cards for teachers when you have kids! Enjoy the pictures!

I’m off for my ‘last’ long run before the marathon. Only ten miles today. The countdown has officially began, only 7 days left…

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3 Responses to April Cards

  1. Only 10 miles? You really are my hero. I WALKED 3 miles this weekend and my entire body hurts.

    I spotted your card in the mix. What a gorgeous array of cards! I must say they are really unique. I love that teacher one too 🙂

  2. sleepyjane says:

    OMG These are gorgeous!!

  3. I have no imagination like that…those are beautiful!

    How exciting…your last long run! Enjoy this week, let the excitement carry you to the marathon!

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