Break Out The Marshmallows!

I’m currently bracing myself for a crazy week. There are many events happening in the spin household (as usual), and I am really starting to look forward to summer and a real break!

The first item is the one that has been occupying what little space I have left in my jumbled brain. For the first time as an adult I am going camping. Doesn’t seem like a big deal I know, but I am also taking along 8 little girls and 2 parents that are also very foreign to the whole camping thing as well. I really should have tried to do some practice trips, but nothing like jumping in with both feet, right?

My dad would be very disappointed to hear that I have absolutely no provisions besides a sleeping bag. He who was a Boy Scout leader for ten years and earned every award imaginable, would gasp to hear that I am so frighteningly unprepared. He added onto the family garage years ago and made an extra area just to contain the insane amount of outdoor/emergency gear that he has accumulated over the years. If there is ever any sort of disaster, all I need to do is get to his house and all of his offspring and their families would be able to survive for a very, very long time.

I take comfort in knowing that this Girl Scout campsite has cabins with bunk-beds, heater (if needed) and a fully equipped kitchen for those who get desperate. I’m hoping that we don’t end up being the troop that needs it, but it is reassuring that there is a backup if for some reason we can’t figure out how to light a fire or use a propane stove. How hard can it be? (I’m sure I’ll be telling you all later!)

I’m a little surprised that so many of the girl’s parents are so willing to hand over their 6-8 year olds to leaders who up until a week ago didn’t have a clue when/where camp was. *duh* I guess you could say I have been somewhat preoccupied with my trip and marathon, and our troop leader is in the middle of her finals and closing on her first home. But we are both focused now, and I’m sure we’ll be fine! *crossing fingers*

In a way I like the rush. I like to have one thing to focus on and not have to wait forever for it to happen. It gives me a specific and definite time line which is really good for me. My procrastinating tendencies kick into high gear if I don’t have constant reminders.

I am looking forward to this camp experience, moslty because of my daughter’s enthusiasm. Big M can hardly wait! As soon as we got the check list of what to bring (3 weeks ago) she was in her room packing a bag with clothes, towel, washcloth, tooth brush and flashlight. She seemed to think that a Target bag would be sufficient and it has been sitting on my new kitchen bench ever since. So sweet!

The campfire smell is another thing that I actually really enjoy. Boots and Smores. That’s what the scent reminds me of. The only thing I don’t like is when you get home and realize that when you’re not camping, the scent is not so appealing anymore, and you immediately feel the need to shower and toss wash all of your clothing. Another leader gave us a tip to do the Smore’s after lunch opposed to dinner so the girls will actually go to sleep at night. This sounds like great advice.

Speaking of great advice, I’m leaving in 4 days and would love if any of you have any fun ideas, tips, warnings, etc. At this point I could use all the help I can get! Thanks in advance for sharing with me, and also to all of you who yet again helped me out of a small funk that seemed to come out of nowhere and attack on Sunday night, thank you. I always feel better after a good vent, and my readers always seem to pull through with the encouragement and advice. I want you all to know it doesn’t go unnoticed. πŸ™‚

Okay, time to go and buy some skillets and such! Wish me luck!

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7 Responses to Break Out The Marshmallows!

  1. No advice .. .

    You are brave!!

    VERY, VERY, brave!! πŸ™‚

  2. Maxxy says:

    My only advice = Book a hotel !!! LMAO.

  3. I love camping…but I don’t know about doing it with that many little girls. Have a blast!

  4. Ann says:

    You are VERY brave indeed. I say, tie *everyone* together with a rope at all times.

    Other than that, cross your fingers and throw caution to the wind! Glad to have Twittered into you! πŸ˜‰

  5. kspin says:

    Got it! Hotel, rope…wait, we are talking about girls camp right? πŸ™‚

    I think I’m either brave or insane. Either way I’ll find out in two days!

  6. andrea says:

    First Aid Kit.
    (a gs troop leader)

  7. kspin says:

    Check on the first aid kit! Just packed it up 5 minutes ago! I really hope I am ready for this.

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