Lazy Lunch

I think I love the tortoises at the zoo most because they remind me to slow down a little…

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9 Responses to Lazy Lunch

  1. jennyL says:

    yeah you are right, life can be so fast phased at time isn’t it? Those turtles seems like they are enjoying their lunch break hehe

  2. sleepyjane says:

    They’re adorable!! 🙂

  3. tenacioustimothy says:

    Great pic…love turtles/tortoises/terrapins…am just envious sometimes!
    Anyway- wordless it may be but tagged you…its only six words so not too bad!

  4. We are keepers of 5 turtles. They are amazing creatures to watch.

  5. Amazing creatures and yes, we certainly can learn from them and slowing down would be a good idea for most of us!

    Happy WW! Join me if you can:

    Just Some Thoughts

  6. I love them too. They are so different than all other animals.

  7. Sister Sassy says:

    Great shot! They’re great!

  8. What a rare shot! I never get to see them actually doing anything 🙂 You’re so right though. They are a great reminder 🙂

  9. they’re one of my favorite parts of the zoo.

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