Only One Left…

These are seriously the best brownies I have ever made! For the recipe you can click here and you will find a lot more than beautiful pictures of yummy goodies, but fantastic writing as well. Ann’s Velvet Lava blog is fantastic and I would go on about it forever if this wasn’t supposed to be a ‘wordless’ day. Check her site out and drool over all of her self professed “food porn”. . . she is not exaggerating!

I have to go haggle over a brownie now. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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17 Responses to Only One Left…

  1. Oh my God

    I think I’m actually drooling . . .

    It’s lunch time .. . and this diet must be getting to me . . .:)

  2. Well, “they” say never to take the last one on the plate or you will be left an old maid….looks as if it is woth the risk. I am going to check out the recipe….right now!

  3. I don’t like brownies…but that one looks very, very yummy!

  4. Sister Sassy says:

    WOw, that looks so good… lol. I just got back from my first WW weigh in, lost 2.2 lbs… I’m about to lick my computer screen now.

  5. rialeilani says:

    holy hell, i just drooled all over the keyboard

  6. kspin says:

    There are not many things that I will eat knowing that I will have to do double duty to work off…but these brownies are worth every. single. calorie. Mmmm…I hope you all loved Ann’s blog as well! 🙂

  7. Ann says:

    LOL, there they are! So glad you tried these! And, I see the little “pockets of molten” – isn’t that insane? These really flew in our house, oh my.

    You are so lovely for posting this, thank you! 🙂

  8. Gina says:

    Oh YUM!!

  9. JINX! LOL at us posting brownies today 🙂 That looks like am ooey gooey middle brownie to me.

  10. How wrong are you for putting up such a picture. You’re making me hungry.

    Happy WW!

  11. I think I just gain 5 pounds just looking at that.

  12. andrea says:


  13. sleepyjane says:

    THAT looks sooooo good!! Mmmmm.

  14. tenacioustimothy says:

    Oh.My.God! Seeing that even after the two Snickers makes me hungry! Am going to have to do some serious baking after all these gigs!!

  15. that’s a brownie?? wow. I am not going to look at that recipe! I have a thing about brownies and would definitely eat the whole batch.

  16. maryjane says:

    Love your blog! Found you by way of your comment to Andrea and thanks for giving my blog a visit!

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