Somewhat Of A Creep…

Most of the time I’m a really considerate and sweet person (no, seriously), but this last week I realized that I have been slacking in those departments.

My first insensitive deed was to write a post about paying it forward. While the intentions were admirable, I failed to acknowledge or appeal to any of my male readers. (I think I have at least 2?) I should have offered an alternative prize to the black and white motif-patterned aprons as they are probably not the most enticing. At the very least I should have at least mentioned that if any of the men won/chose to participate that they could give the lovely apron to one of the women in their lives. But alas, I am truly a creep and I apologize to all of the men who may in fact be reading this.

To make it up to all of you out there in blogworld, next month I will do a male-inspired giveaway. If any of you have any ideas for a good prize, please help me out here. I obviously haven’t been in this mindset and your input would help me out greatly. (and then I could also gauge if I do in fact have non-mommy readers)

The other subject of my neglect has been this sweet boy right here:

No, not the little one, the big one with the cool hair. (that I cut myself thankyouverymuch…) Today is his birthday and I have not done one thing for him, yet I went running, showered, took a short nap and now I have convinced him to take me to lunch. Am I a brat or what?!

In my defense, I didn’t know that he would decide to take the day off today, thus messing up my go shopping with kids while dad is at work plan. I actually do have one gift in the works that a great blogging buddy helped me out with that I can’t wait for him to see! Other than that I have nothing. Just me with a sheepish, apologetic grin on my face. (not the best of gifty goods!)

The problem is that he is here with me right now, in a messy house with no balloons, cards or other festive decor, and I think going to the store while he sits home with or without the kids was not what he had in mind when taking the day off. I hate that I haven’t done something to make it feel more like a birthday.

Like I said…somewhat a creep. But a creep that has arranged for a babysitter so I can take him out tonight and try really hard to redeem myself!

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12 Responses to Somewhat Of A Creep…

  1. bookbabie says:

    Ahhh, happy birthday creep’s husband! Have a great night out:)

  2. Well…what was he doing taking the day off? Ruining your plans, not your fault 🙂

  3. sistersassy says:

    Uh, I have something inappropriate to suggest. I don’t think I have to say it… lol..uh..I never know how …open I can be sometimes.

    Anyway, good luck and what a cutie Jspin is!

    btw, who says a man doesn’t like a good apron? 🙂 if I were a man I’d love the black and white.

  4. Mycrazylife says:

    You remind me of well…me. That is totally something I would do, but I’m sure you made up for it.

    Okay I’m off to check out those incredible looking brownies! Oh my gosh I am hungry!

    PS~ Way nice job on the doo!

  5. tenacioustimothy says:

    Ha- didn’t think the Paying Forward post was insensitive at all…nothing wrong with guys wearing aprons…although I don’t when I bake!

    Just me with a sheepish, apologetic grin on my face.

    That would be enough for me from the woman that I love as a birthday present so hopefully it was for him! Of course having a babysitter is always a winner:-) Hope you had a great night!

  6. andrea says:

    ” I have nothing. Just me ”

    I’m pretty sure, like every other red blooded man, that is ALL he wants.

  7. kspin says:

    Lol! You are all cracking me up! I have been married for ten years ya know…that’s all I’m going to say about that! 😉

    We did have a great lunch and a nice(but too short)night out. Overall, I think the day was a success. Hopefully husband of creep thought so too!

  8. I’m so last minute with these things too . . .

    It’s terrible, I know . . .

    But there are so many more IMPORTANT things to get done . . .

    (Like blogging .. .for instance.)

  9. you have lovely men. hope the birthday went well!

  10. Nice haircut. I cut hair around here too. Hope you ended up having a good day together!

  11. Aww, I hope you had a great time together 🙂

    p.s. LOVE his haircut!

  12. kspin says:

    They are kinda cute aren’t they? Thanks SS!

    I had to brag about the hair. Clippers broke about a month ago and I took over the cutting duties. I think I missed my calling, I’m actually enjoying the hair cutting… 🙂

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