The “Other One Blankie”

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11 Responses to The “Other One Blankie”

  1. Qtpies7~ says:

    haha! Holy blankies are the best, they are already broke in!

  2. Gotta have both of em blankies at my house. Cute picture!

  3. Peek-a-boo!!!

    So cute!!

  4. Aww, so sweet! Those eyes are beautiful and I can sense a smile 🙂

  5. kspin says:

    *update* P is trying out his NEW ‘other one’ blanket out tonight and so far so good…

    I couldn’t handle taking the ripped one out in public anymore! It’s now safe in storage so I can pull it out and embarrass him later in life. 🙂

  6. sleepyjane says:

    Awwwww. Cutiepie! *hugs*

  7. mycrazylife says:

    What a cutie! Is that the favorite blankie? We had one of those for my oldest and I eventually it was so grimy had to cut it smaller and smaller until it was no more!

  8. kspin says:

    Thanks Sleepy!

    Crazy-This was THE blanket up until last night! My husband has a small blanket that his mom cut up smaller and smaller for him as well. She still has it, but it is so shredded that it looks like cotton batting now. Dirty cotton batting. 😉

  9. sperlygirl says:

    what a great shot! 🙂

  10. Runnin' Ragged says:

    What a great picture!!!
    Our youngest (almost 8) still has her baby blanket. She no longer takes it anywhere other than to bed and Grandma & Grandpa’s…it is not holy, but the ends are freying. Thank goodness G’ma is good with thread & needle!

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