All The Small Things

Today Pitter Patter saw the ocean for the first time…

Ever since J told me that my 100th post was coming up, I have been stressing about what to write. I had three different ideas and 2 short drafts, but couldn’t find the time to really sit down and write. Now I’m sitting in a hotel room in Coos Bay Oregon, my kids and husband are sound asleep and I am sitting with my laptop contemplating the last few days. All of the other posts seem insignificant now that I’m far away from home.

My entire family (minus my baby brother and one brother-in-law) is on a driving vacation that started in Salt Lake City, took us through the Nevada desert, the California redwoods and now is starting on the Oregon coast part of our trip. Ever since I moved to Arizona most of my trips have been back to Salt Lake. While I love the time with my family, I have realized how much I miss the thrill that comes with discovering new places. It has been WAY too long that I have done something like this!

There are seventeen of us (nine adults and 8 kids) split up into three different vehicles. So far the driving has been pretty pleasant. The first day was the longest driving day with 11 hours of driving. I think I was just as happy as my kids to have that day behind us. The rest of the trip is broken up in such a way that we won’t be doing more than 4 or 5 hours a day.

I am in awe of all of the incredible sights I have seen so far. Overall I have been feeling very small. I have been surrounded by the largest trees I have ever seen in my life. I have driven through forests that are incredibly lush, green and dense and seem to go on forever. I spent most of the day today with my feet in warm sand the color of pepper watching the waves and seeing the excitement on the all of my loved ones faces. It has been almost three years since I have been to an ocean and I could have spent the entire day just sitting and watching the waves roll in from the fog that hid the horizon.

I realized today how much I like feeling small. I’m glad there is more to the world than the little one I see everyday. I love looking up at trees that never end and feeling like a child again; small and unassuming. I love seeing the power of the ocean and thinking of all of the life beneath the surface. I feel new and rejuvenated.

…and also very grateful.

I have so much I want to share, but it is now 1:30am and I really want to get up and go running before checkout time. I am currently downloading a gazillion pictures so stay tuned and I’ll be posting as often as I can. (hopefully nightly if I don’t fall asleep with my kids like I did last night!)

I have been updating my twitter feed when I have a connection so that you all know that I haven’t entirely disappeared and I can also see what my friends (you) are up to. If you are not tweeting yet, seriously think about it. It’s like mini blog-posting and I LOVE to be able to get a snippet of all that I am missing while I am away. (hint!) At least check it out! K, thanks!

Love and goodnight to you all.

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6 Responses to All The Small Things

  1. Sister Sassy says:

    I’m FIRST! Nice post and cute toes! I tried Twitter and I just can’t seem to do it, especially being afriad of the server guy smacking me down again “hi server guy”…Sassy waves sheepishly.

    Anyway, I love what you say about being small, the awe at the world around you, the beauty and vastness of it.

    Hope your run was good!

  2. Andie says:

    Great photo and I love what you wrote here. Sigh…I heart nature.

  3. Great pic. I love it.

    And I’m still not up with the Twitter–I think its hard enough to keep up with the blog! 🙂

  4. Love the picture and reading about your trip. How lucky you are to have all those people willing/able to go. Memories are being made…

  5. motoproponent says:

    I couldn’t imagine wrangling my family on a road trip like. But the memories that will be carried around by the youngest attendees of that family spectacle will be worth it ,I’m sure.

  6. That sounds like an awesome road trip! Those are beautiful places.

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