Joshua Trees

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10 Responses to Joshua Trees

  1. vien says:

    nice pictures..

    Mine is up!

    Happy WW!!

    K-thanks, and I’ll check it out!

  2. I love this because I have never seen a Joshua tree before. I love the blue sky too! 🙂

    K-I don’t think I had seen one before I moved to Arizona either. They are pretty funky looking. Thanks for saying hi!

  3. Miranda says:

    Nice pics…looks so middle of nowhere.

    Happy WW!

    K-You know, it is actually in the middle of nowhere…about 3 hours from me. Thanks for visiting! Pretty name!

  4. CK Go Places says:

    Great shots. Have a wonderful WW! 🙂

    Thanks! loved your blog btw!

  5. Sleepyjane says:

    Oh wow! Those are gorgeous! 🙂 The clouds in the last picture looks so soft…I just want to lie down on them for a nap! 😉

    K-Lol! It was actually for the clouds that I originally pulled over for on my long ride home. I really didn’t do the sky justice, it was amazing! So glad you liked them!

  6. Sister Sassy says:

    my fav album. Great shots! 🙂

    K-wow, thank you! I’m flattered!

  7. those trees are sooo cool!

    K-I agree, and apparently they are really old too. 🙂

  8. Very cool! I’m always in awe of those trees 🙂 I’ve only seem them off the freeway while driving to Vegas.

    K-I drive past these on my way to Utah (or Vegas) and never get tired of looking…

  9. Ann says:

    Ah, yes, the desert. Why does it look so familiar??? 🙂

    K-hmmm, I wonder? 😉

  10. Andie says:

    Love those blue skys…

    K-There is nothing quite like the desert skies. One of my favorite things about living here.

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