Fossil Findings



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7 Responses to Fossil Findings

  1. bookbabie says:

    Hi K, ran across you on the WW sight just now, great pics:)

    K-Thanks! I love your drawing. Very cool!

  2. Sister Sassy says:

    now that is super cool! You need to hang that leaf on your wall or something.

    K-It was a lot more work opening the rocks than I thought. I should do something with it…when I go back to Utah and get it…oops! One of the many things I forgot to pack! 🙂

  3. mansuetude says:

    r we allowed to talk on worldless wednesday… i am whispering this very below your hearing level if not. 🙂

    K-I believe words are optional, but I’m whispering too just in case the WW police come looking…

  4. It is Wednesday already again…geesh, where does the time go?

    That is really neat! Wouldn’t it be great if we could leave such an imprint behind…a positive one that is.

    K-when I think of how long it takes to form a fossil I get all fidgety. I really am that impatient! I’m with you though. I would love to leave more to my kids than landfills.

  5. interesting!!

    Mine is up too.

    Happy WW!

    K-I’ll check it out. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Very cool.

    I need to do Wordless Wednesday every day.
    I haven’t had many words lately, so wordless Wednesday is perfect! 🙂

    K-WW saves me every week! They do have one for everyday now…just fyi! 😉

  7. Maxxy says:

    Thats cool. The only fossil I’ve ever found is my Dad !!!! ( Sorry Dad….didn’t mean it…LOL )…

    K-What would be cool is if your dad read my blog! Sweet! 😉

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