Good Day Sunshine


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9 Responses to Good Day Sunshine

  1. sHaE-sHaE says:

    What a cutie! And I LOVE the dress. 🙂

    K-The bright colors fit her personality. She has lots of energy! 😉 Thanks for the visit!

  2. One word: Precious!

    K-I’m glad she still lets me take her picture…I hope it lasts!

  3. Andie says:

    Awww, ADORABLE! Love the sky behind her…looks like a painting! Oh and the dress: super cute.

    K-My girls love their dresses. They would wear one everyday if I let them!

  4. CK Go Places says:

    Nice shot. Happy WW! 🙂

    K-Thanks! You too!

  5. Ann says:

    Awwwwwwwww, cutie patootie!!!

    K-We think so too. I guess we’ll keep her! 😉

  6. sleepyjane says:

    Adorable!! 🙂

    K-Loved the pic of your babies today too! 😉

  7. Sister Sassy says:

    SHE’S A GIANT!!! Lol! Great picture, love the colors and blue sky behind her. Happy WW!

    K-Well, she is in the 90th percentile for height… 😉

  8. momisodes says:

    Gorgeous!!! What a cutie she is. I love the skies above behind her colorful dress. A great photo to frame!

    K-Thanks Sandy. I just may do that. I could sure use more pics up on my walls! 🙂

  9. She sure is! I love the pigtails.

    K-Pigtails always remind me of my older sisters. I guess people weren’t that creative back then…oh wait…maybe I’m not either! 🙂

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