Flashback Friday

Some of my friends do these ‘flashback friday’ posts about their childhood or anytime in the past, and I thought of an entry from my family blog that would be fitting for this time of year…feel free to point fingers and laugh.

Mom, you may not appreciate this one, so I apologize in advance…

Throughout my school years, my mom insisted on making our lunches for us. There once was a time my older sisters were able to have school (hot) lunch, but that ended after my mom joined my sister at school for lunch one day. Apparently that was the day that the cooks had run out of taco meat for crisp tacos and substituted it with a hot dog. I know, gross. Ever since then my mom made our lunch.

I’m not going to go into detail about the sorts of ‘lunches’ that my mom made because A) she’ll be really mad, and B) I would need about 5 pages to talk about them. (if I even mention the words ‘school lunch’ my sisters and I laugh hysterically) However, I will say that it was always a surprise/scare when I would open my lunch bag in the cafeteria. (use your imagination)

By jr. high I was pretty savvy with the whole scary lunch thing. My older sister and I would salvage the apple that my mom always added, ditch the rest and would buy ourselves each a Coke with the change that we looted from my dad’s underwear drawer. Sometimes we would have enough money for a doughnut or a Grandma’s Cookie as well. We were so healthy back then, weren’t we?

Later that first year, parent-teacher conference time rolled around and I was feeling pretty good about my performance at school. I wasn’t concerned at all about my parents meeting with all of my teachers. What I should have been worried about was the customary “locker check” that happens at each conference. (little did I know)

Apparently, when my parents opened my lovely locker they found that someone had stuffed an entire quarter’s worth of sack lunches inside. I can only imagine how awful that smell was, and I am surprised that it didn’t seem to bother me opening that door every. single. day! I know that I could have thrown the lunches away in the trash, but back then I wasn’t so smart. I was also very vain and didn’t want to risk the chance of being spotted carrying something other than the customary brown bag. (eg. maybe a bread bag? or a grocery bag?) I know. The shame…

When my parents got home they were furious and I got quite the talking to. I don’t remember if my sister got in trouble or not. She put her lunches in my locker as well, so they may have thought that they were all mine. (see? again, I was not so smart)

I’m sure I tried to plead my case by bringing up some of the inedible items that I would frequently find in my lunches, but that just made my mom fume even more. She decided that from that time on I had to start making my own lunch everyday. . . well, this was one punishment that I was very happy to receive!

* photo from here*

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6 Responses to Flashback Friday

  1. sleepyjane says:

    That’s such a good memory – even if the lunches were strange! 🙂

    K-I think of most of my childhood with much fondness. I sure had a lot of fun, and a lot of crazy too! 😉

  2. That is a great memory! Thanks for sharing. I specially loved this part “the change that we looted from my dad’s underwear drawer”. Too funny!

    K-It seems like my childhood memories are so much clearer than my adult ones…too many distractions now! 🙂 What’s funny is that I can still picture all of the contents of his huge drawer…belt buckles, tie-clips etc.

  3. Kemi says:

    Hilarious! I LOVE that story!

    My parents raised five kids on a Utah teacher’s salary (I know!), so we always qualified for free lunch. The only time we EVER got to take a home lunch was during the first two or three weeks of school, before our “approval” letter came in the mail. Then it was hot lunch every day.

    K-I’m sure with 6 kids my parents could have done the same, but I think my mom really wanted to make sure we were eating ‘heathy’ food. lol! Little did she know…

  4. Sister Sassy says:

    My mom always made my lunch. I remember the time I had tuna and none of my girlfriends wanted to sit by me because of the smell.

    Remember how they were sacks? no insulated or icee packs. I never got food poisoning.

    And then there was the note my mom put in my BFF’s lunch after she spent the night once.

    “thank you for being Sassy’s friend” It still makes my friend laugh today, sounds like I was desparate and my mom was so grateful I even had friends. lol!

    Fun post!

    i have more to say, but decided to stop myself from writing a book here. I’ll just blog about it and link to you 🙂

    K-I can’t wait to read your post! I have so many funny stories about my mother’s cooking, but I value my life… 🙂

  5. This was so cute! I try to put things in Miss Pink will eat (luckily she’s not too picky).

    K-I wonder if that’s why I’m so UN-picky now! 🙂 I’m pretty careful with my 2nd grader as well!

  6. Andie says:

    I read this and SO wanted to read more…like shaaare some examples, pleeeze! What a great story.
    K-Okay, only because you begged! 🙂 Picture a big slab of ham (cut from Sunday dinner’s baked ham) in between a piece of normal white bread and a half-inch thick piece of homemade wheat bread with nothing but mustard and nuclear-green colored sweet pickles. (also homemade) Sound yummy? Now don’t tell my mom…you’ll get me in trouble! 😉

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