Bonsai Buddy

Seems like I have lots of buggy friends lately…

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15 Responses to Bonsai Buddy

  1. Spice says:

    Cool picture. We have this one grasshopper who hasn’t left our one outside wall of the house in about 5 days. Happy WW!

    K-This time of year we find at least one or two a day inside…even when we’ve sprayed. I’m ready for them to go away now. 🙂 Happy WW to you too!

  2. oooo buggy friends….don’t ever let bug friends in the house. You can see them outside, but not inside. Inside they just fly around and create chaos.

    K-lol! I don’t really like to find them inside either, but he was in such a funny spot I had to snap a pic!

  3. Andie says:

    omg, what IS THAT!

    K-It’s either a cricket or a grasshopper. Welcome to the desert… 🙂

  4. Morris Mama says:

    We have the same issue. Those giant crickets on steroids are everywhere!

    K-This one looks especially big with the macro shot, but it wasn’t too bad. Don’t you just love bugs in your house? 😉

  5. Sister Sassy says:

    Is today wed? Lol! I have a WW to post tonight then 🙂

    K-I almost forgot as well…been busy planting my garden. (which I’ll post about later too)

  6. Ick! We have them here too, in abundance. They are such noisy creatures!

    K-Yes they are! I’ll be happy when winter is here! 🙂

  7. “You have chosen well in choosing a resting spot, Grasshopper.” 🙂

    K-lol! Love it! …and my tree. I’ve kept it alive a whole year now. Doesn’t happen too often… 🙂

  8. picklebums says:

    oh great photo!!! Happy WW

    K-Thanks! Great blog name! 😉

  9. I hope he’s not planning on eating those leaves!

    K-Umm…he dead now. I know should have just put him outside, but I have lost my tolerance as of late! 🙂

  10. sleepyjane says:

    Can’t believe you actually stopped to take a picture. I would have FREAKED. 🙂

    K-After living here for 2 years I’m getting WAY too used to them. Now if it was a scorpion you would not see it…alive anyway! 😉

  11. Tommy V says:

    great sunset
    K-thanks, it was actually the sunrise this morning…

  12. Lisa says:

    Splendid photo and post.

    K-Thanks for the visit! I hope you come back again…

  13. Absolutely fantastic capture, thanks so much for sharing


    K-Wow, thanks! I’ll be over to check out your photos soon…

  14. saint2 says:

    that is sure one sleepy/calming but amazing picture!
    K-Sleepy…that’s a new one. I’ll take it as a compliment! Thanks! 🙂

  15. Arija says:

    Pictures talk louder than words, and who needs words to gaze at such a lovely sunrise?

    K-I could (and often do) blog-hop looking for good photos. I love that you can interpret your own meaning and mood… thanks for your nice comment.

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