The Countdown Is On…

  • 9 days until Christmas
  • 5 days until we drive to Utah
  • 4 more days to finish all my projects and shopping
  • 3 more days of school
  • 1 day until myMother In Law comes into town

So you would think that I would be running around my house cleaning, sewing, and packing right? Hmm. Not so much. Those are things I would love to be doing, but instead I’ve been making Jspin rub this on my back and taking medicine to keep me from crying make it possible to move my upper body without shooting pains.

I’m not sure how I pulled a muscle in my shoulder while I slept, or why I am so lucky to hurt myself during one of the busiest weeks ever, but boy will I be glad when this week is over! The good news is that yesterday the pain was all over my back and today it’s just localized to my shoulder, so at least I can walk around and move now.

My motivating thought is that in a little over a week the holiday stresses will be gone and I’ll be sitting in front of a warm fire surrounded by family. I just may be drugged up and smell of menthol, but still, I will be a happy girl!

palm-trees-at-night~a glimpse of our Christmas trees here~


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10 Responses to The Countdown Is On…

  1. ha ha…I feel your pain! 🙂
    Hope you can relax a little!

    K-My body is doing LOTS of relaxing, however my mind won’t stop stressing! 🙂

  2. My husband would accuse me of doing that on purpose (getting hurt)…haha, well not really, but it sounded good. 😉 I sure hope your kinks are worked out in time to enjoy the holidays with your family…have a safe trip!

    K-I think if he hadn’t witnessed the swelling and such he wouldn’t have believed me either. However, J has been taking GREAT care of me…massages and all! 🙂

  3. Kemi says:

    Sorry you got hurt. I hope the pain is gone by the time you leave for Utah. 🙂

    Or, in ten minutes. I hope your pain is gone for good in ten minutes.

    Or less. (Why prolong the agony for another five days?)

    K-You must be magic…already feeling better. I even washed my hair myself this morning! That’s huge! 🙂

  4. Andie says:

    Oh no, you poor thing. Rest, rest baby.

    K-I did, and feel SO much better! Thanks for the hugs!

  5. I say milk it for all the back rubs you can get 🙂

    K-Ha! You know it! 🙂

  6. cathleen says:

    Oh, no…I hope you heal fast…and I hope you can delegate to get everything done. Take care of yourself.

    K-Thank you! I had been dividing up the jobs I could, but thankfully I’m doing much better now as I have some serious sewing to do! That one I can’t delegate! 🙂

  7. sleepyjane says:

    Hey K! Just a quick comment-I haven’t received your email, can you please resend it to sleepyjanes at gmail dot com. Thanks!! oxox

    K-I got your email and we’re all set! Thanks and Merry Christmas! 🙂

  8. Momisodes says:

    Ouch! I’m so sorry. I hope you’re feeling a bit better and taking it easy when possible. I may have to try that rub on my shoulder as well.

    K-The shoulder healed surprisingly quick and that rub…it’s GREAT! My running friends use it all the time and swear by it too. Good stuff!

  9. bookbabie says:

    Oh no, don’t you know moms are not allowed to get sick or injured during the holidays! Feel better soon K and have a very merry Christmas:)

    K-I’m not allowing myself to get sick over any other holidays this year. Two was enough! You have a wonderful Christmas too BB! 🙂

  10. Heather D. says:

    I didnt know you got hurt….what happened! HOpe you had a great Christmas, I should see you Sunday I am sure.

    K-Freak accident…I pulled a shoulder muscle. All is well now though! I’ll see you soon and I can’t wait to hold that sweet baby of yours! 🙂

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