The Itch…

We’re home from our long holiday in the frozen North and all is well. Good times were had, great food was consumed and a there was even a  surprise wedding in the family. Never a dull moment in our lives, that’s for sure.

Now I want to write. I need to write. But I’d be spoiling my first resolution of the year if I don’t get to other things first. Stupid guilt. Must get cleaning, unpacking and de-Christmasing first. I plan on keeping my resolutions this year. All of them. And my promises…

For now I’ll leave you with a photo from our last day of vacation and hope to be visiting all of you soon. (online or in real life!)


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4 Responses to The Itch…

  1. laurakim123 says:

    What a beautiful photo!!

    Glad it was a good holiday!

    K-Thanks for the visit and I hope your holidays were good as well!

  2. Sleepyjane says:

    Oooh pretty picture! It’s gorgeous. 🙂

    K-This was taken out my car window so I was happily surprised it turned out so well. It was a beautiful day though!

  3. Kemi says:

    You wanted to leave THIS, and go back to Arizona where it’s warm, your nose hairs don’t freeze together when you step outside, and there’s no lake-effect snow?

    After more careful consideration, I can see why you’re glad to be home. 😀

    K-We did enjoy Utah, but I was not sad at all to leave the cold and snow! And yes, I’m very familiar with lake-effect snow! 😉

  4. Louise says:

    LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!! “I’m still not “de-Christmased.”

    K-Thank you! It was a beautiful day. Cold. But beautiful.

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