Photo Tag!


I was tagged this morning by my friend Sassy so today’s picture was chosen because it was the 4th photo in the 4th photo file on my desktop. This is my Grandma (from this post) sitting on a rock, patiently waiting with my niece for me to cross the finish line at my last marathon. My Brother-In-Law is standing behind her being the lookout.


I thought I would throw in this photo showing that I actually did make it into the finish line. That’s my sweet Father-In-Law riding his bike next to me as I run slowly jog the last little bit. It’s hard to believe that was only one year ago!


For anyone who wants to play along with this tag, go find your 4th photo and send me a link! Thanks for the tag Sassy!

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5 Responses to Photo Tag!

  1. Sister Sassy says:

    I love this photo! Theres so much to look at, so many people doing different things 🙂 its wonderful. Way better than my crappy shot 🙂

    K-I thought your picture was cute! I thought mine was the odd one… 🙂

  2. sleepyjane says:

    I love the picture too!! 🙂

    K-Thanks Nic!

  3. Lareine says:

    one thing striking about the first photo is that it’s a picture of a crowd and yet, everyone seems to be in his own world — a nice image for “being alone in the crowd”…

    aside from that, it seems all your family is rooting for you:)… and who cares if you run slow or fast, the important thing is you made it to the finish line:)…

    K-I never really noticed all the other faces in the crowd until now…I love when you can go back and see something new. Thanks for the visit and the great comment!

  4. Carrie says:

    Hey, just stumbled on your blog from Twitter @steamykitchen discussion on the wild boar (and sow). I just love the fact that you have your extended family out there rooting you on, esp. your father-in-law on the bike, what a great thing! Good luck in future runs (okay jogs, but heck, I can’t even make it 3 miles).

    K-Usually I can run, just not at the end of the marathon! 😉 I’m glad you found me. I checked out your blog and will have to remember to go back and visit when I need some cooking/meat advice!

  5. Great shot! Color me envious – I’d love to have some rolls of green for my yard. Of course, it’s MUCH too early in Colorado to even consider such a move.

    K-Yeah, CO might be a tad chilly for this kind of thing! 😉 Hope you do get some green soon though…

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