Smells Like Spring



There’s nothing like the smell of orange blossom on a light breeze to make you feel like you are on a tropical island, even if momentarily. I wish I could properly describe the scent, but it’s probably most similar to the fragrance of a gardenia, but maybe a hint lighter and sweeter.

I spent yesterday morning picking oranges at my aunt’s home in Mesa. Every time I would pull an orange off the tree a handful of blossoms would fall out of the tree and into my hair. I couldn’t get over how good the little white blossoms smelled and how pretty it looked to watch them floating out of sky.

I wish I could’ve captured some of the blossoms, but unfortunately my kids got a hold of my camera and now it is out of commission. This picture from last spring’s orange harvest will have to do!

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4 Responses to Smells Like Spring

  1. Kemi says:

    What would it be like to pick oranges directly from a tree?

    I can almost imagine the scent. 🙂

    K-Oh, it’s SO good! And it is weird to pick the oranges off the tree, they almost look fake. They are too perfect. Lol! 🙂

  2. Momisodes says:

    Wow! Those look beautiful! I just love the flecks of orange peeking out 🙂

    K-They really are pretty trees, and did I mention the smell?.. 😉 Thanks!

  3. Very nice. I love the smell of the citrus blooms. We have to grow ours indoors here.

    K-Thanks. One of my favorite things about AZ in the spring!

  4. Jennie. says:

    I LOVE that smell. When I get a whiff of that, it brings back of flood of memories of my days in Arizona as a missionary.

    K-I didn’t remember that you served here. Very cool… 🙂

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