Almost Apron Time!

A quick reminder for all of you who signed up for the Spring Apron swap, we are three days away from shipping day! I am SO excited to see your aprons, so if you have received yours, please send me a picture of you in it! I have uploaded a couple of pictures to my kspin flickr page of aprons that the makers have sent me, but so far that’s all I have.

Today I am sewing my apron and can’t wait to see how it turns out! I have had it cut out for a few weeks now and I have looked over the pattern enough that I *think* I know how to do it. This is my first attempt at using a pattern, so I’ll let you know how it goes. I love the material that I picked. Here is a sneak peek…


The more I look at it, the more I love it. I think I want to decorate a room with these same colors now. Now I just have to decide which room…

I got my apron a couple of weeks ago and Yay! it’s pink!


It’s so not flattering right now (and may not ever be with that gigantic heart), but my kids love it and remind me to wear it when we are making cookies or doing messy kitchen products. It was a hit with my Girl Scouts as well, so it might actually get a lot of wear. (I can make fun because it was my mom that ended up with my name and she laughed when I put it on too!)

I know. The picture quality is horrible. I will make sure and upload a new version as soon as I have one. Here is another view of the apron. I really love the heart pockets. I may have to try that on another apron sometime.


I hope you are all having as much fun with this as I am! If it all works out, this might just turn into an annual event. Okay, I’m off to get sewing.  Happy apron swapping everyone!

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