There’s no question I picked the right name for this blog.

I’m so ready for a break right now. Like a real one where I can sit by a pool in the shade (it’s already 100 degrees here) sipping some yummy, fruity, frozen tropical tasting concoction and just be. That’s all. Not read, not think, maybe sleep, but have nowhere to go and no deadline for something or other looming in my future.

That’s what I should have told J I wanted for Mother’s Day, instead I think I spouted something like “I don’t know, an oil change in my car and a few hours without the kids to clean a little and maybe take a nap?” …pathetic! Obviously the sun, heat and pregnancy has cost me the few braincells I had left!

It’s time for another girl’s getaway here again…

poolside ponderings

Not this weekend though.  No, I’ll be sleeping in a tent and making smores with my little girl scouts. I know it will be fun and the girls are all looking forward to it, but I can’t help it if I’ll be laying in my sleeping bag planning my little imaginary getaway while trying not to think of the next few crazy-busy weeks ahead.

But soon. Soon I will have a short break…

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One Response to Spinning

  1. sperlygirl says:

    happy mother’s day – i hope you have a day full of peace, quiet, and relaxation — even if it is only for a moment. 🙂

    K-Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. Hope it was wonderful…

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