My First UFO Sighting…

June ufoskywatch FridayLast night as Pitter, J and I were walking to the park, a neighbor pointed out this UFO to us. He had been watching it for an hour and said it was just sitting in the sky and hadn’t moved. It looked like a really bright star to us, and we were definitely intrigued by it.

We continued watching it from the park and instead of getting brighter with the sun going down it actually got dimmer and then disappeared. Though I found this video of what it most likely was, I like to imagine all of the possibilities of what it could have been instead. Life’s more exciting when you use your imagination…

Happy Friday and weekend everyone!

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4 Responses to My First UFO Sighting…

  1. Imagination….love it…need it…sometimes mine works overboard.

    K-Reality is way over rated! πŸ˜‰

  2. bookbabie says:

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of a balloon cell phone tower, cool. But a UFO would be a lot more fun, as long as it had ET on board:)

    K-I hadn’t heard of this either, but I agree with you, ET would be a lot more fun! πŸ™‚

  3. sperlygirl says:

    you have heard about the phoenix lights, right? was big news when we were there…

    K-I have heard about that. Things like that fascinate me! I love the unknown. πŸ™‚

  4. sleepyjane says:

    I love it. I’d much rather believe it’s a UFO so I’m not even going to watch that video.

    K-I sure like you Nicole!

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