The Sweetest Thing

So why didn’t anyone remind me just how incredibly wonderful it is to have a newborn around?…

sleeping G

This last week with our new little one has been absolute heaven. I love his tiny fingers, his sweet smell, his quiet cries(and not so quiet cries) the frequent feedings all day and night, bath-times, cuddles…all of it! I don’t even mind the millions of diaper changes. If I knew I would feel like this, I would have have another one long ago. (or at least planned this one!)

G fingers

Amazingly, my house almost seems calmer since bringing home baby. I would have not predicted that, but it has been a great surprise nonetheless. There have been a few tears shed by each of my kids as they adjust to our new family dynamic, but those moments are minimal and pass quickly. It also helps that both grandmas are here to keep the kids happy and occupied while I sit around feeling lazy ease back into my normal routine.

G profile

Now I just wish I could freeze time and keep my family just like it is right now. Already I am seeing baby grow and change and I’m starting to realize just how quickly he is going to grow up. That thought alone makes me wonder if I’m really ready for this to be our last one…

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13 Responses to The Sweetest Thing

  1. Jamie says:

    Congratulations K! He is adorable. I love that you are able to enjoy every moment.

    K-I think the pregnancies get harder each time, but it seems like I appreciate and enjoy the motherhood part more and more with each addition!

  2. So beautiful!!!!

    K-Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. Kemi says:

    I came home from the hospital with my first baby and said, “That wasn’t so bad! I would LOVE to do that again.”

    Exactly one year and two days later, I had my next one. 😀

    I find myself counting heads, wondering who I’m missing. I think it’s a pretty good indicator that my last one wasn’t our last one. 🙂

    K-I keep thinking I’ll get an announcement from you anytime now! 😉 Babies are wonderful…

  4. sleepyjane says:

    Awww!! He’s adorable! 🙂 Congrats guys!! xox


  5. sperlygirl says:

    many congratulations – enjoy every moment!!

    K-Thank you, and we are! It’s a great time to be a new mommy…again. 🙂

  6. Nicole says:

    Congratulations! He is gorgeous.

    K-Thanks! He changes so much everyday, but keeps getting cuter and cuter! 🙂

  7. bookbabie says:

    Oh he’s so cute K, we should fix him and baby Brooklyn up! I’m glad things are going so well for you guys. Andy and Meagan are doing well too:)

    K-You can’t help but be happy with new babies around! So glad Brooklyn is here and everyone’s well!

  8. andie says:

    Oh these photos just makes me want to whisper my comment…so sweet, so beautiful …an angel.

    Congrats Mama, I am just beaming a smile right now. SO proud of you!!!
    All my love,

    K-Thanks Andie. We couldn’t be happier! 🙂

  9. Whaaa…I want one!!! I mean…CONGRATULATIONS! 😉 He already looks like a heart breaker.

    I am very, very happy for you and the family that everything went well. Keep those pictures coming!

    K-Thanks! Don’t worry. This poor kid has a camera in front of his face constantly! I’m sure many of the pictures will end up here!

  10. Congratulations! That black-and-white picture I hope will be framed and put up somewhere!

    You are so different than me. When my last one (now 5) was newborn, I couldn’t imagine EVER going through that again. (She was tough.) I don’t miss it a bit. I look at old pictures of both girls, and I miss the oldest one little, but not that second one!

    Back to you, yours is SO beautiful!

    K-I’m pretty sure after a few more months of sleepless nights I’ll have changed my mind from having any more! …and yes, that black and white one is framed and ready to go to daddy’s office! 🙂

  11. iheartfilm says:



  12. Momisodes says:

    I’m late! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    He is simply precious. Those tiny fingers and baby fuzz are just darling. I remember that feeling of wanting to freeze time.

    K-Thanks Sandy. I can’t believe a month has gone by already. It feels like he just got here! 🙂 Congratulations to you too!

  13. cathleen says:

    What an absolutely adorable little child…so happy for you.

    K-Thanks so much!

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