A New Day…


Needless to say this past weekend was a very rough one with the drowning accident involving our little neighbor girl and her brother. They are new to our block and though we don’t personally know the family, J, myself, and many others in our church and community were shaken by this terrible accident. It literally hit too close to home.

The 2 year old little brother, thankfully, will make a full recovery. However, his 5 year old sister Rachel did not survive. Her parents took this tragic circumstance and helped at least three other children by donating her organs early this morning. I can’t imagine the courage that it would take to go through something like this and I admire them for thinking of others during what I’m sure has been an agonizing couple of days.

My thoughts and prayers have been focused on this family as well as my own. My heart aches to think that it could have happened to anyone, especially my own kids. As a parent, when you hear about the loss of a child, it’s hard not to put yourself in the parents shoes. For two days I couldn’t look at my kids without tearing up.

Fortunately/unfortunately Monday came and right along with it regular routine and usual craziness. Though I was dreading it first thing in the morning, I was thankful that I had a full day of obligations and deadlines. When I find myself in a less than stable state, the only thing for me to do is stay busy and most of all, be distracted. Everyone has their own coping styles. Some mope, some get angry, me? I have to have a project…or twenty.  But you know, it works for me.

And now, it’s a new day. Another day to kiss and love on my kids.  Another day to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise. Another chance to make a difference…

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6 Responses to A New Day…

  1. sleepyjane says:

    ANDDDDD my comment got cut off. Grr.

    K- I deleted for you. 🙂

  2. Johnsonteammom says:

    I’m glad that I’ve been busy this week, busy enough to help keep my mind off the tragedy enough that I don’t sit around and cry as much as I did on Sunday. I haven’t hugged my kids as much as I have lately, we haven’t been as kind as we have lately, and we haven’t been as prayerful as we have been lately.

    K-The same is happening here. It will be a long time until I take anything for granted again…

  3. bookbabie says:

    So sad for the family and definitely amazed that they had the courage and heart to donate. Stay busy, go for your runs, and be grateful, that’s all you can really do K. And take more pics of the little guy to share with all of us!

    K-As usual, all good advice and I am following all of it. I’m even uploading some new pics now… 🙂

  4. You have a wonderful attitude. I’m having a hard time right now with a mother who is a good friend who’s waiting on biopsy results for her son that was supposed to go to college last week but got sick, and waiting to see if he has lymphoma. Her son is so much older than my children, but children are children, and I am just grateful mine are fine… for now. For what happened in your own neighborhood, that COULD have been anyone, but still, your attitude is beautiful.

    K-Things like this are really tough, but if anything, you really learn how to appreciate and show love to those around you. Hope your friend’s son is okay…

  5. Nicole says:

    So horrible for that family and so sorry to have it touch yours. But the beautiful part is that their child didn’t die in vain. Someone else’s children can benefit from their generosity.

    Hang in there. And kiss that baby!

    K-Thanks. I will. 🙂

  6. Momisodes says:

    So tragic. I am very sorry to hear. I cannot even begin to imagine how devastating this is for the parents. My heart goes out to the family.

    K-I try not to focus on how the parents must feel or I get too sad. That to me is the worst thing that could happen in my life…losing a child. It makes everything else seem trivial.

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