Home again home again jiggety jig…

peace flagsWe just got back from our long weekend in California and I have to say, we are already thinking ahead to when we can visit there again. The wedding was beautiful, the beaches were lovely and the weather was perfect. Best of all, we got to spend time with relatives that we hadn’t seen for years (or ever in my kids case). I have lots of pictures and stories to share after we get a little more settled, but this picture seemed to sum up the mood of the trip for me; breezy, mellow, happy and colorful…

*for my husband who laughed at me and thought I was making up the title phrase*
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5 Responses to Home again home again jiggety jig…

  1. Jamie says:

    My dad always sang that song as we’d pull into the drive after a trip – I thought he’d made it up.

    K-How funny! I wasn’t sure where I had heard it, but I sure was saying it all the way home. I can be really annoying sometimes. 🙂

  2. sperlygirl says:

    great photo – very CA!! 🙂

    K-It is pretty beachy isn’t it? The flags reminded me of your baby prayer flags… That’s the first I had seen of them. 🙂

  3. Momisodes says:

    We feel the same way whenever we come home from visiting Florida. I love the photo. So sunny, colorful and fresh. Very California 🙂

    K-I always love to visit CA, but I’m not sure I would want to live there. Of course I said the same of AZ long ago! 😉 Thanks!

  4. bookbabie says:

    Sounds like a great time. My sister lives in San Diego, and although it was a big adjustment, they are quite happy now living near the ocean in the land of fruits and nuts;)

    K-Funny you should mention that, the bride and groom live on 23 acres of fruit trees. 😉 San Diego is really pretty, but yes, it would be quite an adjustment!

  5. If this picture sums it up, it was fantastic!

    K-Yes, it was. Hopefully I’ll find some time to update soon…

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