Another Month Of Free Parking

It’s November! The time for being thankful and showing your gratitude. Why not make it a personal goal to choose at least one person a day and let them know how grateful you are for them? Join the validating bandwagon, jump on! It’s totally up to you how long you participate and it’s only November 2nd, 5th, 12th(can you tell how long ago I started this?…), so with a few quick emails/notes/phone calls etc. you’re on your way!

I’m sure you have someone you’ve been meeting to reconnect with or send a thank you to, and this is a great way to keep up on those important messages. Don’t you love to hear how much you are needed or loved? I thought so!

free parking button 0001 med

This has been such an uplifting project for me that I have decided to keep it going as long as I can. I’m embarrassed to say that I did get seriously behind over the last few weeks. I know. Shameful. However, I took 2 hours yesterday and quickly got back on track so I could start another wonderful 30 days of validating. It really is that easy to do and getting behind is okay. No one is going to be pointing fingers or gauging your progress. This is just a personal commitment to brighten the lives of those around you and give others something positive to hear when there is so much negative in the world today.

As promised, I have a button to display for all of you who are willing to post this project on your blogs. It’s the same image as above, just smaller. (thanks Jake for making this for me! I love it!) Here is the code:

<p align=”center”><A HREF=””><img src=””></A></p&gt;

Last month after I started this project I found this message by the President of the church I belong to and I thought it was very fitting to share along with this Free Parking idea:

“never assume they know how we feel…” I really needed to hear that part. I fall into this trap quite a bit and so this project is really a need for me to not only say how I feel, but also to show my love. Sometimes I get so caught up in the everyday tasks of raising a family, that I forget to show my kids what is the most important. I’m sure they think that all I focus on is a clean house, folding laundry and all of that, but I hope that this will make me slow down more and take the time to really show them how important they are to me and that people (our loved ones) should and will always, always surpass “things” (ie; toys, tv, jobs, hobbies, insert your own monetary noun here).

I have really appreciated all the “thankful” messages going on in FB land, as well as the blogging world lately and I hope it extends far beyond the holidays. Maybe with this project we can help do that very thing…

Thank you and keep on validating!

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2 Responses to Another Month Of Free Parking

  1. Nicole says:

    I got behind, too, though I don’t know that I’m always conscious of some of the ticket punches! 🙂 When I am, I find myself grinning and saying to myself, “Parked.”

    K-I love it! You go NV! 🙂

  2. Kristina says:

    this is a marvelous idea!

    I sent a thank you to my transcript evaluator whom I’ve never met after she graciously let me apply *very* late for graduation – a small thing to her but a huge thing to me!

    K-Nice! I’ve noticed in my life that it’s always the little things, not the major ones that make all the difference. 🙂 thanks for this…

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