Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

Sometimes I think I take too many photos. But if I didn’t always have my camera close by I would totally miss out on great shots of my kids like these:

“Santa Baby”

Santa’s strange sister “Indian Girl”.

See what I mean?

Hope this made you smile and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends!

Be safe…

*I apologize for the graphic nature of the first photo for those of you who are unaccustomed to icky baby puke. Apparently we are so desensitized here that we laugh and take pictures… we’re heathens I tell ya!

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5 Responses to Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

  1. Nicole says:

    It’s official: Your kids are TOO d*mn cute to the point of illegal in at least 18 states! as for the graphic nature, I kept telling myself:”He was sucking on baby powder. Yeah. Sucking on a baby powder bottle.” I don’t want to know in reality.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and J and all the little Indians …

    K-Lol! I’m impressed you could look past the grossness and still think they’re cute! Of course you have pets, and that’s not much different than kids! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom!! Hope you both have a good break…

  2. My boys were both pukers. But, they are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

    K-I think Geoffrey’s been my best puker so far. I do lots of laundry these days… 😉

  3. sperlygirl says:

    the baby puke one made me laugh…sooooo understand this one!!! 😉 too cute – happy thanksgiving

    K-Thanks! I couldn’t resist taking the pic. He seemed so surprised and he had a perfect “beard”. 🙂

  4. Kemi says:

    I guess it’s been too long for me. I saw “Rice Cereal” instead of baby vomit. 🙂

    K-Let’s just say whipping cream, then no one will be grossed out! 🙂

  5. Bookbabie says:

    So cute and the baby looks so different, they change too fast! I want to try and get some new shots of Brooklyn Thursday night when we babysit:)

    K-I’ve been terrible at getting nice pictures lately. I was looking back at some newby pics the other day and could barely see the new Geoffrey in the face. 🙂 I love to see little Brooklyn growing and changing as well. Time sure does fly…

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