Cool Snowflakes For Crafty Kiddies Take II

I’ve posted this snowflake tutorial here before, but after attempting to make these with my girl scouts last week, I thought a refresher course was needed. . . for me! It had been two years since I first posted this so I was pretty rusty at making them.

The squares I cut for my scouts were 4″ by 4″ and it was too hard for my 8, 9 and 10 year old girls to staple together, so I would try at least 8″. (Just FYI if you decide to try them). Oh, and glitter your paper before you bend the cuts back. Believe me, it would be better that way. We ended up with sticky, flat, but very sparkly flakes. The girls had a lot of fun making them so in my book that makes it a success!

Here you go. Pretty snowflakes taught to us by Maddy’s school librarian. Enjoy!

1) Ok, first start with 6 squares of paper, all the same size. Then fold each one into a triangle, and fold again, making a smaller triangle like this:

Sno 1

2) Next, make four cuts along the longest end of the triangle, taking care not to cut the fold. Do this to all 6 triangles:

sno 2

3) Now, unfold the triangle, and it should look like this:

sno 3

4) Take the very middle piece of paper and roll the ends together and tape.

sno 4

5) Do the same thing with the next ‘ring’ but fold it BACKWARD. The next one is FORWARD again, and you alternate until it looks like this:

sno 5

6)Now do that to all of the 6 pieces and then you will attach the SIDES of 3 papers you have rolled. Like this:

sno 6

7) Take the ends of the three now hooked together and staple all three together at the bottom .

sno 7

8)Repeat step 4 and 5 with the remaining pieces, and then staple the two sides together in the middle and. . . you’re done!

sno 8

These are so easy to make and you could easily add some ‘bling’ with glitter, or use sparkly paper. My oldest loves to make snowflakes and these ones don’t require picking up millions of paper scraps when you’re done. Nice.

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One Response to Cool Snowflakes For Crafty Kiddies Take II

  1. Jamie says:

    So cute! I might just buy a bit of scrapbook paper and make a few to spruce up my very beige apartment.

    K-I totally thought about mentioning that after reading your last post. Seriously. Wow, I’m psychic! šŸ˜‰ Take some pictures if you make some…

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