For The Curious

It’s almost 10pm and I really should go to bed, but instead all I can think of is this from The Pioneer Woman. Thanks a lot Ree…

For the last year, I have been completely obsessed with Philly cheese steak sandwiches. If there is one on the menu I have to try it! P Dub’s sandwich is just close enough to make me want to make a run for some onions and some fresh deli rolls right this minute!

With all of my pregnancies I had totally different cravings. With Maddy I had to have whatever everyone at work was discussing, or something that I saw on a commercial or ad that day. As you can imagine, it was not very convenient or easy to satisfy my cravings, especially if it was late at night!

Miranda’s pregnancy I called the “white trash” pregnancy because I craved cheeseburgers from the dreaded “M” place, nachos (not the gourmet nachos, the fake-cheese ball park kind) and other things that I usually find repulsive. I totally did the whole cliche’ pickle and ice cream thing too. With Patrick I wanted spicy food…and a lot of it! It seems the more I ate with him, the better I felt. Ah, I miss those days…

That brings me to this most recent pregnancy with Geoffrey. With Geoffrey I have been searching for the perfect Philly cheese steak sandwich when I eat out, and I try to make them for dinner as much as the kids will let me about once a month. My version does NOT use the fake cheese that is true to an original cheese steak, I prefer provolone cheese on a bun brushed with olive oil and toasted in the oven. Of course it has green, red and sometimes yellow peppers (when they are on sale for less than 10 dollars a piece! what’s up with that and the price of artichokes anyway?!) sautéed with onions, thin sliced roast beef and mushrooms. My kids and husband all cringe with the mushrooms, so I just keep them to myself.

Just for the record, I am NOT pregnant. Just tired, a little loopy and apparently hungry too. I have stayed up way too late every day this week trying to take the advice of another brilliant blogger Joy. Or to those who know what I’m talking about; the Just Organize Yourself blog.

Joy is the exact opposite of what I am. I’ll admit it. I’ll also admit that I am really having a hard time with the whole 4th kid and 2 kid in school change this year. My “organized chaos” isn’t really cutting it anymore and I have committed to “transforming my chaos into calm”. Just so you know, it takes a long time to change everything you have been doing for the last 8 years to do that.

I really am taking it seriously and have purposely cut out my old fun “down time” to tackle some big projects that couldn’t be ignored anymore. Joy’s first step in getting organized is as follows:

Take a Time-Out

  • Just say “NO” to outside obligations while you re-evaluate, re-commit, re-vamp & re-claim your life.
  • You must get yourself under control before you can expect your family to follow.

I miss blogging, crafting and playing a right now, but I can already see some good habits forming in myself and more importantly, in my children. My girls have been especially eager to help me, mostly when I am rearranging the furniture or sorting through our never-ending piles of “treasures”. (ie craft supplies) This break is only temporary thank goodness! It’s so I can have my fun time back without worrying what state the house will be in when I finish.

I already have my list of projects lined up for when my house is clutter free and my kids are happily cleaning up after themselves. So you know, maybe in a year or two?…

*Just kidding on the year or two thing. Also while I am re-vamping my life, Jake has promised to re-vamp my blog. {yay!} I was playing around with different ideas and accidently lost my old header. {boo!} Obviously I’m in over my head. The cute brown one will do for now, but hopefully my blog will have a cute fresh look soon. Or maybe not soon. My organizing has been keeping Jake a little busy. Hee hee. 🙂

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2 Responses to For The Curious

  1. cyndee says:

    Pioneer woman is evil, Ill bet this a great sandwich, Im goon have to make it now you know!! If you have never tried pioneer woman’f fav sandwish, you should, OMGosh, I could die happy after eatin it.

    K-I just checked out that recipe, and it looks so good! It reminds me of my favorite grilled cheese that I used to get at Einstein’s Bagels. I’ll have to pick up some whole green chilis sometime. Thanks!

  2. Jamie says:

    Reading this post makes me feel like I need to push myself to do and be a bit more – and I need that encouragement!

    K-I don’t know, sometimes my ambition gets me in trouble. 😉 Good luck…

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