The Reality

Do you ever think that you have a great idea and then when you execute that idea it totally flops? Or do ever bite off way more than you can chew and then what sounded really great, ends up being a huge stress? Or maybe you see something that you really want to duplicate:

but then it turns out like this:

Yeah, you too? Good. It would be hard if I were the only human one around here. 🙂

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

*above photo from

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2 Responses to The Reality

  1. cyndee says:

    Ha, well we cant all be bakarella ;), looks like you and the kids had fun though :D, and at least they taste great, no matter how they look 😉

    K-True, we did have a great time making these over Christmas break. Just once though I would like to make something that turns out as cute as hers! 😉

  2. andie says:

    HA HA HA…omg, hilarious. Um, those are adorable (the ones you made).

    K-For the record I had lots of help! lol! Thanks!

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