4 Miles of Thoughts…Alphabetized

Just had my first long(er) solo run of the year in which I remembered to take my iPod, so I thought it would be fun? interesting? to document my thoughts as each song and mile went by.

Here’s what one of my typical runs would look  and sound like if you were in my brain this morning:

Summertime” Will Smith – What? I used to love this song? okay, okay, I admit it. I still do! and summertime? It sure doesn’t feel like it will be uncomfortably hot here soon because I am fah-reezing my booty off right now! I love summer. Hope I still love it when I’m trying to run and dying in the heat…

Sunday Morning”  No Doubt – Hey, my feet are hitting the pavement on every beat…cool!

Sunday Morning”  Maroon 5 – Hmm. Jake must have updated my shuffle alphabetically this time. And apparently it’s NOT on the “shuffle” setting. Wonder what’s next. Wonder if M5 will ever release a new album. Wonder if I will have to edit it before playing around the kids. Wonder if I will even bother buying it. Wonder if I am done with my Adam Levine fanaticism…

The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani – I love Gwen. If I was a rock star I would want to be like Gwen. One of my first friends in college called me Gwen. Haven’t talked to that red-headed friend forever. Wonder what she is up to?

Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand – Gila Monster? Who would want to live on a street called Gila Monster? Wonder if they cringe when they have to give someone their address? Hope those dogs behind that fence on Gila Monster can’t get out.  (scanning fence for holes…)

The Takeover, The Breaks Over” Fall Out Boy- “Don’t pre-tend you ever forget about meeeee”… “we don’t fight fair”… hope no one can hear me singing right now. Okay, turning back towards home, wonder if I can keep running without stopping for the rest of my run. Feeling good so far…maybe that’s because I have Fall Out Boy.(mile 2?)

Temperature” Sean Paul – What is he saying? …mile 2.3… no, really. WHAT is he saying? Still like this song, but all I can think of is this video

That Green Gentleman” Panic At The Disco – Didn’t even notice the song. Too busy sniffing the air and being intoxicated by all the orange blossoms in full bloom. How can anyone move away from a place that smells this good in the spring? Heaven I tell ya…

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” The Smiths – Oh Morrissey, you’re so melancholy. Double-decker bus crashing into you is a heavenly way to die? really? lame. Maybe it would be better than being viciously attacked by a dog. Like that dog that is not in a fence and right on the street I need to turn on. Dang it now I’m walking! Come on dog… move! Okay, dog is wandering away from me and I can run again. Song still playing and I’m running again. Not too much time lost.

These Words” Natasha Bedingfield – No thoughts. Too busy concentrating on lyrics and singing along. (just in my head this time)

They” Jem – Changing my mind. If I were a rock star I would be Jem. More my style. “Who are they? Where are they How can they possibly know all this?”… Love Jem. Sooo many thoughts during this song and 3rd mile. Thoughts too deep and philosophical to try and sum up on this post. And they probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone besides myself anyway…

Thirty Three” Smashing Pumpkins – what is this song? terrible live recording…  Oh, I really like this song, but must skip it because of the quality. Wonder where Jake got this one?

This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race” Fall Out Boy – “I am an arms dealer fitting you with weapons in the form of words…” Ahhh yeah! One of my all time favorite running songs. My pace is picking up. Wonder if I can get home before the song is over? Run run run. Come on K, pretend you are late meeting your running partners. (not that that ever hapens. hee hee) Almost there…

The Time Of Your Life” Green Day – Perfect cool down song. Made it to the corner of my street and am now planning out the rest of the day in my mind… Going to watch this. Going to plant some pretty things in the garden. Must go shopping at some point today. And I am going to try and be grateful and not mad that someone(s?) found and devoured these that were carefully hidden for me while I was out of town.

And there you have four miles of my day. Do me a favor and don’t add up the minutes to see how long those four miles took me. Not sure I want to know that just yet.

Thanks for joining me on this little outing. We’ll have to get together like this more often…

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3 Responses to 4 Miles of Thoughts…Alphabetized

  1. sperlygirl says:

    oh i sooooo love this post kspin – not only did you give me some cool new tunes to put on my ipod – you made me feel a whole lot better about feeling challenged to find the time out for my running (i have been feeling so guilty and missing it lately!). pure inspiration, i hope to get a run in tomorrow now!!

    K-Glad I could help! 😉 I had forgotten how much I love the occasional solo/low-key run. I need those more than I think. Hope you get to go tomorrow!

  2. Kemi says:

    That was a really fun read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    K-I’m planning on running lots and lots more, so you might be seeing more like this… 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    Thanks for this little audio trip! (You’ll find some of those same tunes on MY iPod. You just won’t find me jogging!)

    K-Nice! At least I know we rock out to the same tunes while we are in our ‘grooves’. 😉

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