May The 4th Be With You

That’s what you’re supposed to say today because it’s National Star Wars Day. But I’m sure you all knew that already, right? We’ve known about this for a few years now. You find out these things when you have big SW fans in your family. This year is a little more exciting, because my little Jedi turned 4! Which means that we have now been in AZ for 4 years. I can’t believe how fast time goes anymore…

Remember last years birthday where Maddy dressed up like a Wookiee for him? Well, Patrick still loves all things Star Wars, but has branched out and now likes all super heroes, GI Joe, and any sort of ‘guy’ that comes with a weapon. (I gave in long ago after watching him use fairy wands for light sabers).

this picture is awesome on so many levels…

Patrick is seriously the sweetest kid ever, but he can really get into character. If you have been to my house, I’m sure you have seen this scowl in person. He also takes his light sabers everywhere,  including the grocery store, the park and even weddings.

I was looking back at his 2 year old birthday post, and I can’t believe how much he has grown! Well, there’s probably not too much difference in weight. . . but he is definitely getting more mature and he often surprises me away with the topics he wants to “discuss” with me at night. Every night he asks me to tell him a story before bed, but not one out of a book; he wants stories about Jake or I when we were little, or stories about him or the other kids or regular bed time stories with the characters names changed to whatever he is in the mood for. (for example, Goldilocks and the Three Bears has turned into Anakin and The Monkeys. I kid you not.)

Last night he wanted to talk all about the temple and our experience. (which I promise I will still blog about soon) We had a great 15 minute conversation that nearly brought me to tears. He really understands so many concepts that I thought were way above him. I told him that he must be paying attention in Primary at church and he said “yeah, but all the other kids just goof off”. Ah, that sounds more like my Patrick.

Patrick’s was lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents, one great-grandma, two aunts and one dog here to celebrate his birthday with him. His birthday was the same day as our family temple sealing, so I *sort of* told him his birthday was the next day. I don’t think I out-smarted him all the way, so he was VERY anxious to open presents when the time came. It made me feel even guiltier every time he asked me if he was really 4 now. (hope he forgives me for that later!)

Patrick you are such a great brother to your sisters and brother and a joy to me and your dad. Thanks for letting me play Lego Batman on the Wii with you, for helping me hang up clothes, for offering to clean the girl’s room for them,  for keeping your little toys high so Geoffrey can’t eat them, for your generosity and all of your sweet words. We love you Patrick and are so happy that you are in our family!

**Update. So I was just re-reading this post and noticed that in the Wookiee picture and in the first picture, the blankie, yes THE blankie is right by Patrick. I guess some things never change after all!

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4 Responses to May The 4th Be With You

  1. Jamie says:

    Your boys are adorable!

    K-Thanks J!

  2. Boys just need weapons. I think some of my friends with only girls think that my boys are just wild violent creatures (and maybe they are…). What a couple cuties!

    K-I agree. There’s just no way around it. We don’t condone violence around here either, so I just consider the weapons accessories for when Patrick is getting in character. 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    aw … happy birthday, little man!

    K- 🙂

  4. In the midst of the nightly craziness homework and dinner bring (especially on Tuesday nights when it’s crammed in before YM/YW), I totally forgot to tell my kids that it is National Star Wars Day. Hmmm….maybe if I just pretend like it’s tomorrow, it’ll fly here too.

    I’m shocked we’ve never heard of it before FB today. We love Star Wars here…

    K-I say go for it, they’ll never know! 😉

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