Sunday Thoughts/Mother’s Day

I woke up being a grump on Mother’s Day. Why? I don’t know. But I went ahead and was snippy to Jake before (and on the way) to church. I only did it a few more times before I decided that I was being a brat. Yeah, I’m embarrassed. It was silly…

The lessons and talks at church were especially good and I found myself slowly getting out of my funk. (I guess that’s a good reason to be there, isn’t it?) I loved the messages about the role and influence mothers have on their children. I need those reminders.

Miranda read a book about Moms to the junior primary for her talk and she actually spoke! Out loud in front of people. The first 3 times she attempted to give a talk I ended up reading it for her while she hid behind my back. This was a huge improvement for her.

Later when we were home, I felt the dreaded funk return again for a moment. I was sure that being away from our wonderful mothers and sisters was the thing that was getting to me, so I picked up the phone. After I talked to both matriarchs of our family I was just fine. More than fine really. Holidays away from my family are always hard, but I’m learning to adapt. Lots of communication helps.

We hosted a fun dinner with some friends and ended up having a really good evening. We made Costa Vida salads (or Cafe Rio for you Utahn’s) using this recipe I found. It’s similar to another one I have used, but everything in this one was perfect!! I highly recommend it. Especially the side dishes. Hands down the best black beans ever.

There were a lot of kids here, like 11, and it was really loud. And I loved it. It was just like our Sunday dinners back home! Mother’s Day is hard without our mothers, but having lots of adorable, giggly, messy, silly, wobbly, sweet  rug-rats running around my house was just what I needed to make it more memorable. I only wish it wouldn’t have been a school night so that we could have played even longer. (thank goodness only 2 weeks left…)

To the mothers, grandmothers, future mothers, aunts, sisters, teachers, friends and all other women; may you know how beautiful you are. May you realize how much you are admired and looked up to. May you understand and embrace your divine status and role. May you feel appreciated, empowered and loved. Happy Mothers Day from me to all of you…

{These two sure are going to be great moms someday}

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One Response to Sunday Thoughts/Mother’s Day

  1. Jamie says:

    Being away from family on a holiday is hard – so glad you felt better by the end of the day.

    K-You know all about that, don’t you… 😉

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