Crafting For Girl Scout Leaders

Today was so much better day than yesterday. I literally spent the whole day in my garage drilling, stripping, sanding, painting, staining and nailing. ‘Twas awesome.

I currently have 4 projects drying in there right now; most of them 90% finished even. I owe this progress to 3 friends stopping over to work on their own projects, which in turn, gets me out working on mine, and also to Geoffrey who graced me with a 3 hour nap. (which I’m sure he needed after being up half the night)

It’s too dark to get pictures of last night/today’s projects, but I do have some of the washer necklaces that I told you all about the other day. The necklaces were some of the gifts I was in charge of for a Girl Scout recognition dinner that was held on Monday night. (Btw, the dinner was catered by Carrabbas Italian Grill.  If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend it! Yum!)

I found some cute drawstring bags at Michael’s to present them in and I hope that the 9 ladies who received them will wear and enjoy them. I will be making many more of these for sure! I have some great ideas for the next batch of necklaces, and I found washers with a smaller hole in the middle, so hopefully I can use a standard hole punch and ditch the exacto knife…

Remember the 77¢ Home Depot aprons I told you about? Here’s what they were used for:

With the help of 2 great friends, I sewed some adorable Girl Scout fabric on the front pockets of the aprons to cover the Home Depot logo. We made 18 of these babies for the Girl Scout leaders on our service team who volunteer their time keeping track of paperwork, planning events and encampments, training the other leaders, organizing our cookie sales etc. I am amazed at how these women give freely of their time to keep these programs going. We have a huge area, so it’s not a small task.

I still feel like I have a lot to learn as a leader, but I love the GS motto’s, the culture and everything about this organization. I hope the girls in my troop get as much out of our meetings and activities as I do. And I really hope to see some girl scout moms wearing some of these aprons at the cookie booths next spring! That would definitely put a smile on my face.

I’ll try to post some more pictures of  the newest craftings soon, but as tomorrow is Jake’s birthday, I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance. While we are on that subject, if anyone has any great ideas of what I should do for him, I’ll take suggestions. I have gifts, that’s all. In 30 minutes he’ll be 34 and I have no plans. Help please! 🙂

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One Response to Crafting For Girl Scout Leaders

  1. Jamie says:

    I seriously want one of those necklaces – LOVE them.

    K-They are super easy and really inexpensive to make. In fact, I made some more yesterday… 😉

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