BBQ, Brine & Band Hero

I think Jake’s birthday was a success! I wouldn’t be blogging about it so soon, but he is happily snoring away on the couch. He was attempting to start this book the kids got him. (I hope that means he was just really tired, and not that the book is lame!)

I snuck in a quick run earlier this morning, and then let Mr. Spin decide what we would do the rest of the day.

  • First, we had pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast per Jake’s request.
  • Next we did a little weeding in the front yard. (His idea, I swear!)
  • We decided to get a babysitter for the afternoon without knowing exactly what we were going to do yet. (we didn’t want to go in the evening because the kids love to do the birthday stuff with us.)
  • Then we went to the temple for the second time. We both had some wardrobe malfunctions. Awkward at the moment, funny now…
  • Jake went shopping and picked out his birthday dinner. We grilled burgers and knockwurst, had corn on the cob, potato salad, and lots of pickled items. He also came home with something for everyone;  some mushrooms for me, even though he hates them, green and red marinated olives for Miranda and I to share, new finger baby foods for Geoffrey, gummy peach rings for Maddy, and pickles for Patrick.
  • After dinner we were all way too full to eat cake and ice cream, so instead we played Band Hero. We all rocked. It’s a great game, but there is something unsettling about hearing your 6 year old singing “I’ll tell you my dirty little secrets”… Weird. Maddy’s favorite song of the moment is Paralyzer by Finger 11. Another awkward song when sung by an 8 year old. There are some great classics on there too which help make up for the few random songs.

It was such a different birthday celebration than we have had before, but it was wonderful just the same. Happy birthday Jake! Thanks for letting us play with you, learn with you, rock out with you, cook with you, drool on you, (Geoffrey) relax with you and laugh with you. You are our favorite and we love you!!

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One Response to BBQ, Brine & Band Hero

  1. Jamie says:

    Sounds like a perfect birthday

    K-I hope so. Last birthday of his I was preggo, so I’m pretty sure we didn’t do much. 😉

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