Worth The Wait

Two years ago my mom sent some flower seeds home with my girls for them to plan in their own garden. The girls planted the seeds in one square of our square foot garden, along with many other vegetables and flowers that fall. We were so excited to harvest all of the wonderful goodies that our garden produced, but the flower seeds had only grown into a small clump of leaves.

There were more plantings in the spring, with more veggies harvested, but no change to the plant. We made sure to water our green clump periodically in the summer, and as we prepared the garden for planting again the next fall, we noticed our little clump of leaves were still alive, but without any real growth. The winter’s garden crop came and went.

Then, this spring, the little clump of green started to get taller and taller. Really quickly I might add. It went from a tiny, foot high mound of leaves to 4, 3ft tall stalks in that little square of garden. Pretty soon we could see little buds all over the stems of our flower stalks. The girls would run out every day after school to check  and see if the flowers had bloomed yet.

Just last week, almost 2 and a half years after they were planted, our hollyhock finally had flowers. The girls immediately picked a bunch. (of course!)

They are so feminine and romantic in our little, dull-gray corner. I haven’t ever  loved hollyhocks. I always thought of them as kind of old-fashioned. But now I really do love them. I know a big part of the reason is because we worked hard for them and anticipated the blooms for so long.

Kind of sounds like a metaphor, doesn’t it?…

A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook friend posed the question “is it all really worth the wait?” In my mind I instantly yelled back “YES”!

Sometimes I even feel like the poster child for having to be patient. Not to say that I always handle it well, mind you. But many times I have had to wait for the “good thing” that comes when you don’t give up. Or give in, or run away, etc. And the good does come. Not always in the way we have it worked out in our mind, but somehow it’s always right for us, and usually better than we expected.

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4 Responses to Worth The Wait

  1. Jamie says:

    What a great lesson on patience.

    K-It was a great way to talk about patience with my kids too…

  2. Jennie says:

    They are beautiful. I’m so anxious to try square foot gardening. I’ve been putting it off since our house is for sale but if it doesn’t sale and I miss out on fresh vegetables, I’ll be sorry.
    I love how you turn times like these into teaching moments.

    K-Thanks Jennie! You should give it a try. Easiest gardening ever. For real. You can always take your box with you when you move too. 😉

  3. sperlygirl says:

    your post today is no mistake — and that i came here today on this particular one. thank you for such a beautiful and gentle reminder to seek out patience. 🙂 xx s

    K-I’m so glad that this resonated with you. I was thinking the exact thing about your running post yesterday. Great minds… 😉 Thank you for this.

  4. gardening may be the only time I am patient. And so worth the wait.

    K-We are so much alike it’s scary sometimes… 😉

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