Simpler Times…

I ran across this bracelet exchange on Things We Make’s blog today and I was instantly transported back to 5th grade. I absolutely loved elementary school! So many great memories of spending time with my little girlfriends toilet-papering houses and dancing in the school talent shows. Good times. Good times.

How many of you remember making these for you friends?

photo found here

I remember raiding my mom’s embroidery floss stash, and how excited I would get when I was able to pick up new colors at the store. Apparently I was pretty easy to please back then…

I love this idea of a grown-up friendship bracelet swap and I might even sign up for it too. But if I do, I’m signing my girls up as well. They need to learn this lost art(?). With school getting out this week, we need some fun projects to do and this would be a great one to start with.

For some more great summertime ideas, click on the button to Just Organize Yourself’s blog on my sidebar. She is doing a whole series on planning out your summer and it is fantastic! It’s not a stuffy-type overplanned sort of thing either. Just a great way to work some fun and variety into your summer schedule.

Happy planning…

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One Response to Simpler Times…

  1. Stacy Johnson says:

    I love that blog. I actually started going through the calendar and putting on there the stuff around the valley that would be fun and is free/cheap. We are planning some awesome outings…I was going to let you and anyone else in on it when I’m done. I’ll trade a friendship bracelet with you. We’re organizing some craft days too.

    K-Wow! someone is going to do lots of planning for me? I’ll take it! Can’t wait! 🙂

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