And So It Begins

After being pestered for an entire afternoon, I opened an email account for my oldest. She and her little friend had the nickname all picked out and were ready to go as soon as I set it up. Her friend had to go home shortly after that. While I was adding the addresses of family for her (which took about 10 minutes), Maddy already received her first email from her BFF.

She is growing up way too fast and I am not sure I am ready for her to be doing such grown up things. She is so sweet, and innocent and is really becoming a huge help to me around the house. I am being very careful that he online presence will be very well protected so that she stays that way too. I’m lucky she still listens to me and follows the rules. (we’ll see how long this lasts).

Maddy really wanted to send a couple of emails before she went to bed last night, so I told her she could reply to her friend, and send one more to her aunt. After she was in bed Jake and I couldn’t resist taking a look to see what she had written.

So what did my beautiful, intelligent  daughter say in her first ever email to her aunt? Here you go, and I quote, “sup”. As in “what’s up?”   Great. Not only was there no header, no full words let alone sentences and she didn’t even sign who it was from. Oh boy.

The funny thing is that when I asked her about her emails in the morning, she thought she sent the one we read to her friend, and the one she ‘thought’ she had sent to her aunt would have been quite a bit more comprehensive, had she actually sent it. *phew* I guess she actually has learned something in her 4 years of schooling.

Be warned, if you have an email account and are relatives of this adorable, blond goof-ball, you may want to start checking your in-boxes more frequently. This girl is on an emailing rampage…

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3 Responses to And So It Begins

  1. Jamie says:

    Argh – I can’t believe you have one old enough to be sending email.

    Thanks so much for your comments on my post – I appreciate the kind words and the encouragement!

    K-Me neither! and I wish you luck!…

  2. Stacy Johnson says:

    Love that girl. That reminds me of something I was going to do the other day…

    K-Now I’m all curious. 😉

  3. Next she will be begging for a facebook account…so fast it goes…

    K-Too late, she already asked, but I shot that idea down pretty quickly! 😉

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