Before The Madness…

I’m finally home from vacation, but luckily my brain is still in vacation mode, so I’m not completely freaking out about all that is coming up. yet. I’m sure soon the reality will set in, but for now I’m enjoying my time with the girls until they start school next week, slowly finishing the unpacking and trying to remember how to run a household again. Tricky stuff, but I’ll manage.

I thought before we start our strict schedules again I would take some serious time (which means more than 5 minutes) and catch up the old blog again. I’m going for at least 30 posts in 30 days again, but it may not be a post every day. The goal is to do a few a day while our loose schedule permits, and then stay somewhat caught up. Hopefully the other 5 people in this house will cooperate.

After 8 weeks of vacation, travel and celebrations I definitely have enough material, now I just need the motivation. Wish me luck!

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