My 9 Year Old Beauty

We celebrated 2 birthdays in July while we were in Utah, my youngest, Geoffrey (who just turned 1) and my oldest Madeline.

It has not escaped my attention that since starting this blog I have not given a proper birthday post to the latter of the two. There are a few reasons for that; first, we are usually on vacation and I don’t have access to photos. Second, her birthday usually signals the end of lazy summer days and the beginning of chaos that doesn’t end until after Christmas. But lastly, (and most honestly), I have a hard time accepting the fact that my Maddy Rose is indeed growing up and there’s nothing I can do to stop this.

Maddy Preschool Graduation Day

I still picture her like this with the chubby cheeks and sweet little lisp. The reality? Just tonight I had to put that exact dress from her pre-school graduation into the donation bag because both of my girls have now outgrown it. *tear* It seems every time I do laundry I find something else that she is too big for. In fact, this “little” girl of mine has started raiding her mother’s closet already. I thought that didn’t happen until the teenage years?! At this point, I’ll be getting her hand-me-downs in just a few years.

Feb. 2008

Maddy is such a sweet and thoughtful girl, though catching pictures like these two are hard because she doesn’t like to admit that she really loves her sister. I don’t get it, she loves and kisses on the boys all the time, but poor Miranda gets no (out in the open) love. She’s nice to her, but boy, she’s not going to get all cheesy about it. Ever! The nice thing is that they do play great together and rarely fight, so I guess I can’t complain.


One of my favorite things about Maddy is that she still doesn’t care or hasn’t figured out what is “cool” yet. She still has the same innocence and wonder that she always has and is oblivious to most name brand clothing or fads out there. I mean, she’s not super sheltered or anything, she knows most of the popular songs and shows out, but we do try to keep her movie/media geared to age appropriate entertainment. She is just a confidant, playful, silly girl acting just how a 9-year-old should. I’m constantly worried about the teenage years, but this sweet girl is taking it easy on me so far…

Utah vacation July 2010 076

She got spoiled with 2 cakes this year. There was the cool Harry Potter cake to go along with her similarly themed party at her Grandma and Grandpa’s house. (thanks again!) And then her sweet Aunt Keri got her a yummy Boston Cream cake a few days later on her actual birthday. It was a nice little surprise and Maddy was very happy to be sung to yet again.

real birthday night in Cedar City

That’s the best way I can describe Maddy-happy. She is seriously just a delight to be around. She is such a good girl too. We have very few arguments with her at all.  Maybe it’s partly because she has her daddy wrapped around her finger as well. He is smitten over this one for sure!

Utah vacation July 2010 026

Maddy, I love how helpful you are to me and your family. I love how you are always thinking of others before yourself. I love that you were quietly trading away your Littlest Pet Shop Toys to get more Lego guys to give your little brother. I love how generous you are with your friends and siblings. I love it when you act silly just to make us all laugh. I love that you think your dad is the coolest man in the world and that you try to be just like him.

Zoo Aug 2009 079

I love how strong your testimony is and how much you have taught me and your dad through your faith and example. I love how kind and gracious you are to everyone (although sometimes you are too shy to be vocal about it). I love how excited you get about the simplest things. And mostly, I love that you still love your mom and want to do things with me. You’re one of my favorite friends to hang out with and I would do anything for you.

Thank you for being the best big sister ever to your brothers and sister and the best daughter to me and your dad. I love you!

Sept. 2009 325

~phew! I did it. Now I remember why I have never finished a post about her. . . tears, tears, and more tears. All happy of course.  🙂

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4 Responses to My 9 Year Old Beauty

  1. Ericka says:

    Wow…lucky you guys! What a cute girl!

  2. Jamie says:

    What a great tribute to a lovely little girl

  3. What a great smile! Happy belated birthday to her.

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